Brush your dog’s teeth???


Yesterday my friend Sheila Walsh twittered that she took her Scottish dogs in to have their teeth cleaned and the vet asked her why she doesn’t brush them herself. Hellooo! She values her arm. Like Sheila said, “You don’t mess with a Scot.”

More likely she has smelled her dog’s breath.

Wolves don’t go to the vet to have their teeth brushed. Lions have nice big teeth and you don’t see them laying back in a dentist chair with that suction thing hanging out of their mouth. Perhaps we need to let dogs be dogs. They survived for thousands of years without a dentist. They can make it a couple more.

I can barely brush my own teeth without gagging, how could I brush my dog’s teeth after seeing some of the cadavers they have dragged home. I might be able to do it if you put me under.

Diane took our dogs to the vet for teeth cleaning and they had to be put under. The bill for the anesthesia was more than I paid for the dogs. Now that is a good reason for brushing your dog’s teeth yourself.

We should take care of our pets, but people are always more important. In Colorado a woman was killed by a mountain lion with cubs. The momma lion had to be destroyed. More money came in to care for the cubs than to help the family who lost a mom. Something is wrong with that picture

I gotta go now. I’m taking my two schnauzers in to have their nails manicured.