The Confused Stage Of Life

It’s Monday!  Time to Lighten up and Live.  I hope this clip from our DVD Fully Alive gives you a running start on a great day.  A true story frosted with a dose of exaggeration!

Is it just me?  Any one else out there living in the confused stage of life?

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  • Jayson Feltner

    Hilarious. Great way to start the week. And YES, I find myself in the confused stage of life quite often.

    • Ken Davis

      Welcome to the club, Jayson!

    • Ken Davis


      Maybe I will see you there sometime. Thanks for your comment and for hanging around the stage!!!

  • kari

    this kind of thing happens to us a lot–keeps things interesting 😀

    • Ken Davis

      What happens?

  • Deborah Burdzy

    Oh boy…you are so not alone — athough you’re stories may be a tad more entertaining than mine :)
    Thank you for sharing. (P.S. I got a thank you last week for sharing last weeks video…and the blessings continue) :)

    • Ken Davis

      Wow! How scary that must have been. Glad he is better.

  • Julie Sunne

    I love how you make us all feel better in our imperfections Ken. God bless you!

    • Ken Davis

      Julie, I say if you got em, flaunt em. We are loved.

      • Julie Sunne

        Such freedom!

  • Pat Callahan

    Absolutely LOVE that story. I haven’t had that happen (yet), but I have been shopping for a pair of longer arms so that I can read.

  • Stephen

    A confused stage of life!! You mean the confusion will pass, this isn’t n… n… n… normal… is there r… r.. r… really life without c… c… c… c… confusion… I’m 60 now, please tell me when n… n… n… normal… kicks in. I’d like to try n… n… n… normal… for a while.

    • Ken Davis

      Forget normal! Em b b brace reality!

  • Michael Wolgen

    Hey Ken, this might seem off topic, but someday you should post a video about the day you went shopping with your wife in the Mall of America. Like maybe a clip from the video “Seriously Funny” or maybe from “Is it Just Me?”