Do You Really Want to Live for 450 years???

turtle headSome of the excuses people use for not exercising are flat out hilarious.  I heard three that sounded pretty good at first blush, but further investigation poked big holes in the logic of every one of them.

Warning!  This post won’t change the world but I hope it makes you smile.

Someone said, If walking is good for your health, the mailman would be immortal.  They probably would, except for the fact that they never have time to eat.

Studies show that most “postpersons” die of starvation. Remember, diet is an important part of the equation, especially the eating part. Sorry that excuse doesn’t hold water or mail. Start walking!

Then an observant excuse maker pointed out that a whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water, and is still loaded with blubber. But have you ever listened to the noises those whales make?

These are unhappy animals. You would be unhappy, too, if you tipped the scales at 50 tons and your nose was located in the middle of your back.  Whales are heavy because they are sad.  Find a pool, eat fish and drink lots of water. 

Finally a friend pontificated from his easy chair this tidbit.  A tortoise doesn’t run or move at any speed beyond idle, yet it lives for 450 years. 

That’s right, but look what that lazy lifestyle has done to his looks.  Would you like to go through life with a face like a turtle?  And have you seen that neck?  If turtles would run around the block five or six times a day and use a little face cream, everybody would want a turtle.

Bottom line! We are not whales or “torti” or whatever the plural word is for tortoise.  We are humankind, made in the image of God.  We should take care of his handywork.

And yes, I know, almost forgot the “Postperson.”  Postmen and post-women were made in God’s image too.  They just need to start eating better.  I recommend turtle soup.

[reminder]What’s your excuse?[/reminder]