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2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Dog Toy

  1. I SO ENJOY YOUR humor & your lessons in life! Wish I could afford all your DVD’ s OR CD’ s & books!! A friend took me to see you in Madison, MN and we so enjoyed you!! I am a 4-time cancer SURVIVOR!! 2x breast cancer and 2x Hodgkins lymphomas! My veins have turned into ropes from all my radiation & Chemo so now it is very hard for the Lab gals to get blood out of my arms for my blood checks… last time it took 6 TRIES and 3 different lab techs to finally draw blood as I am on blood thinners & l am checked quite often, sometimes 3x a week. I’m. SORRY, I didn’t mean to write my life problems!! I just wanted to tell you how enjoyable you are to me!! BIG HUGS TO YOU AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
    Dee Wollschlager at