Don’t die laughing!

It’s Lighten Up Monday! I believe with all my heart I was born to make people smile and sometimes to make people laugh until they need medical help… enjoy this clip!
[youtube id=”iWrI_QkSpo4″]

Today’s clip taken from Under the Influence.


  1. You are so funny. The first and to me the funniest tape was when I listened to the one on snow skiing. And when I tried to ski, I laughed so hard everyone was looking at me so strangely. Lol. Thank you for making the world laugh and doing it by being clean through and through so I can always feel comfortable letting any age laugh with me!

  2. Ever since I “happened across” one of your “Lighten Up Monday” videos, you have made me laugh. In today’s overburdened world, we need you!! Thank you for what you do. May you be abundantly blessed by our Lord.

  3. I have been a fan of yours since I saw you performing at the one day Womenoffaith in Billings, MT with Sheila Walsh. Your sense of humor and comedy is clean, funny, and tickle the funny bone. Keep on being you.

  4. I love your videos Mr Davis. If I feel depressed I put one on and they make me laugh. I think God wants us to laugh and you sure help us do that. It stops me taking myself so seriously and just be thankful for where I am. God bless you. Margaret Preston.

  5. The clip stopped working before the end of the story. I really want to know what the guy wrote.
    “Do not apologi…” What is tbe rest?!

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