The Most Intense Argument

It’s Lighten Up Monday! Here’s a question that’s sure to stir up a long discussion: “Where do you want to eat tonight?” Can you think of other simple questions that can start a silly argument? 

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Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip was taken from my DVD, Under the Influence.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Intense Argument

  1. Sounds like my wife, she says “go where ever you want”. But doesn’t like something about about anywhere I choose.

  2. I must be a sap, but I truly want my wife to decide . Her choices are always good ones. I will eat anything. So when she asks me “where do want to eat”,I really,really don’t care.

  3. Ken, Ed & I have.(I think every one of your dvds. We are looking forward to the Bill Gaither cruise in 2018 to especially see you!!!!!