My Confessions and Questions

Conflict Resolution

shutterstock_196051895We had just finished taking my grandchildren on a wild tubing excursion. For over an hour we trolled the lake looking for boats that made monster wakes, the kind of wakes that could get screaming children on a tube airborne.

The children’s laughter echoed across the lake and lifted my soul. Then out of nowhere it happened.

A Map of Michigan

It’s another Lighten Up Monday! The people I describe in this clip have done a lot to lighten up my life. People learn the goofiest ways to describe where they live. If you are from one of the states I mention, remember to keep your sense of humor as you watch this – I often make fun of my own state as well.

This clip taken from I’m Not Ok. For more info or to purchase, click here.

Car Fights

Good morning friends! It’s Lighten Up Monday! Have you ever experienced the “thrill” of children doing combat in the back seat while you try to navigate traffic? At the end of this video is a solution you might want to try.

Question: What solutions have you used? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Today’s Lighten Up Monday clip is taken from Seriously Funny, click here to purchase!

The “Naked” Truth About Social Media

Does social media keep us from flesh and blood relationships?

This post is evidence that I enjoy and take advantage of the positive benefits of social media, HOWEVER, a few weeks ago I posted this picture on my Facebook page along with the following text:

Every soul at the gate isolated & absorbed in a device. I could’ve been naked and no one would have noticed.”

The picture and text must have touched a nerve because I received over 120 comments.

Then I got an insightful and thought provoking photo from follower, Joe Caggiano. Please read further to see Joe’s photo and my deeper comments on the issue of social media.

I promise that I am fully clothed in all photos!!