Pretty in pink!

Phillip and Exandra

Today as I sat waiting for my flight to leave, a young man boarded the plane wearing the pink- piggy- neck rest you see in this picture.  As he stored his belongings, he removed his jacket to reveal that he was also wearing a hot pink shirt. I’m no fashion maven but this is a combination I had never seen before.  Evidently it was uncommon to the rest of the cabin as his appearance drew several sidelong glances.

I love being around people like our flight attendant. No glances for her, she just jumped in and asked about his choice of wardrobe for the day.   She ask a direct question and got a direct answer. I found out that the man’s name is Phillip and he has a precocious little five year old daughter named Skylar. Phillip told the flight attendant that his daughter, Skylar, named the pink- piggy -neck rest, Exandra!  He was transporting “Exandra” back home and Skylar ask him to please wear it and to please wear a pink shirt to match Exandra’s color.  When Phillip asked his daughter if he had to wear it all the time she responded, “Of course!” Phillip told me that during the swine flew crisis “Exandra” traveled wearing a one of those protective white hospital masks over her pink nose and mouth.  After meeting “Exandra” and Phillip, I can tell you this.

Exandra rides first class!

Phillip is a very Good daddy!

Skylar is a very lucky little girl!

I just wish I had been there when he went through security!!!!