GAG me!


Tonight I am going to GAG!

GAG is an acronym for Guts and Glory, a small group of unusual men that meet every week in my home. .  My GAG buddies are unusual in the respect that not one of them is satisfied with the status quo.  Each of these motivated men want to live better, healthier, more vibrant lives.  They want to live fully alive. I love hanging with these guys.  They inspire me.  They have the guts to identify those aspects of their lives that can be improved and the discipline to be inconvenienced by the work it takes to make it happen. Why!  For the Glory! Not their own glory, but to the Glory of God.

Learnin to eat right

ANY TIME we slip into a mundane rut that derails us from what God  created us to be, our lives distort His true image. We were created to reflect His image, to glorify him in our bodies and our lives. We need to get out of the rut!

I am standing shoulder to shoulder with men who have made a commitment to do just that.

Most of us in the group also have guts of another kind. The kind that keeps you from seeing championship wrestling buckle on our belt.  It takes guts to get rid of that gut.  Several of our GAG group have signed up for a triathlon and are training with that goal in mind.

Because of their discipline and commitment, EVERY member of our group has impacted the lives of their children, their wives and their friends. EVERY member of this group has impacted me.

St Irenaius said, “The glory of God is man Fully Alive.”

Any step a man or women takes in the GAG direction is a GOOD step. A step toward glorifying him.

Our group is full.

But the challenge is open.

Join us!

I’d love to hear about your journey.







  1. Last week I reconnect with someone I’d known a while ago. This dear lady is a believer but has started a business working with wemon– doin workshops on finding their “authentic self”. As we talked she indicated that God is not the focus — she has speakers come in and just talk about finding your “real self” and being authentic. As I thought on this, I just couldn’t shake a saddness that came from thinking that anyone who knew God, our creator, in whose image we were created, would hold out hope to others that they could EVER find their true/authentic self and live authentic lives apart from Christ. I don’t think we ever can be who we really are or were created to be unless He is at the centre, the core, of us and our lives. I’m wondering how I am going to lovingly engage her in this discussion and if I will have the “guts” to do so?! I hope so, because God has clearly said that those who teach are going to be held accountable for what they teach.

    What a great idea you have (except the part about the triathalone, that’s just WRONG ;0) — my husband and one daughter are marathon runners and I think their nuts too…but I love ’em anyway.). Bless you and I’m praying your idea spreads.To God be the glory!

  2. Heard your message on the radio while travelling today. Very inpirational! Prayers to you and please pray for my family! 🙂

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