A Four Letter Word Essential to Faith and Living Fully Alive

image024-1When my daughter Traci was small, I found her standing at the edge of the courthouse steps.  I stood below her and asked, “Why are you standing there?”

“I want to jump,” she said.

What an opportunity to teach trust.  I held up my arms. “Go ahead, jump,” I said, “I will catch you.” She moved up to the edge of the steps, cringed and moved back.

She looked so tiny, so scared.

She confessed to me that every time she looked down, it made her butt feel funny. “That’s okay,” I said, “Your butt will always feel funny when you take a risk.” Finally she crept up to the edge and did something that demonstrates the essence of living fully alive and the essence of true faith.

She leaned forward just far enough so that she couldn’t turn back.

Even as she fell she screamed in terror UNTIL the second she hit my arms. I caught her and held her close. She pushed herself back, eyes wide with excitement, and squealed, “Let’s do it again!”

That’s what life fully alive looks like.

The day a person stops risking they stop growing.  The day something stops growing it begins to die.

That’s what faith is like.

It isn’t a big brave act.
It’s not the absence of doubt.
Faith is moving forward in the presence of doubt.

If you’re going to take a risk, why not make it a leap of  faith?  If you lean into your fear and trust God, I can tell you from experience, He will catch you.

Oh, to wake up every morning squealing, “Let’s do it again!”  Especially on those mornings I am grateful simply to wake up!

What risky leaps have you taken?
What leaps of faith have you taken?

Let’s do it again! Please comment.  I love hearing your stories.