A Simple Rule for Surviving Holiday Temptations and Thriving in 2015

iStock_000007612906MediumOne of the principles that has allowed me to enjoy the benefits of losing 47 lbs came from my wife’s Weight Watchers group. They ask their participants to write down every thing they eat BEFORE they put it in their mouth. “Write it before you bite it” is the motto.  It is amazing how much we eat without even thinking.  Try to remember what you ate yesterday. I guarantee that unless you wrote it down, your estimate will be way less than you actually ate. When we “write it before we bite it” it allows us to make a judgment call on both the consequences and the benefits of what we are about to consume.

That got me thinking.

This is a practice that leads to success in every phase of life.

1. Write it be for you bike it!

When I started to exercise regularly, I wrote down what physical activity I wanted to do, like biking. It made me acutely aware of the energy that would be expended and the benefits I would enjoy. One of those benefits was the privilege of biting more things. If I exercised more I could eat more. Cool! Write it before you bike it!

2. Write it before you buy it!

My mom taught me a similar principle in regard to being a wise consumer. If I wanted some widget, instead of impulsively buying it she would make me write it down. I had to put that piece of paper away for two weeks. After two weeks, if I still wanted the widget, I could buy it.

Many times after two weeks I didn’t want the item at all. I wanted something else. It would quickly go on the wish list for the two-week cooling off period. Writing it before buying it taught me to evaluate my needs and eliminated impulse buying… except for a 1973 Mustang. Write it before you buy it!

3. Write it before you bite it off!

Writing down your goals is really nothing more then the first step in establishing a Plan. It is the most simple way to evaluate all aspects of your life, physical, mental, social and spiritual. It is all about living proactively, working toward your dreams and goals rather than re-actively feeling trapped by only responding to circumstances around you. This is a powerful process.

I cannot think of a single goal that I have written down, carefully considered and then pursued that I have not achieved.

One of the wisest and most powerful actions you can take is to write down a goal before you bite off the responsibility of seeing it through. Writing down goals before you attack them, weighing the cost and the reward, is imperative to seeing your goals through to success.


Write your goal on paper. If it is honest, if it is good, if it is consistent with what God has called you to do………………. bite it.

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