“Happy New Year?” Yeah Right!

2015-09-10-19-46-39-1-copyIf you find it hard to believe that 2017 has any chance of holding happiness or hope for you, this post is for you.

At this time of year we can hear friends and family toasting the promise of the new year and basking in the reverberation of songs that speak of jolly seasons, joyful carols, and fa la la la la, la la la la.

Yet behind the smiles and toasts many are still reeling from the smashed expectations of the season’s celebrations.

  • One of our friends lost his beloved wife this Christmas eve.
  • In the last months of this year marriages have fallen apart.
  • Another friend was alienated from his family at Thanksgiving this year.
  • Life changed in a moment for some who received devastating news from the doctor.
  • Lives have been rocked by personal failure or financial ruin.

WOW Ken!  Thanks for the good cheer.

-Good cheer is only “good” if it is available to those who aren’t presently experiencing it.-

How can there be hope for the new year if one is trembling in the darkness of storms still raging in their lives as 2016 comes to a close?  I write this post because I have been there… more than once. I promise there is hope! I have seen the light! So have each of the friends facing the storms I mentioned above.  

Seriously, I have seen “THE Light.”  storm-cloud

Look at every storm picture in this post. These are wicked, destructive, powerful storms, yet in every photo there is light. Light that proves that the storm is temporary. Light… Clear evidence that the ‘SON’ is still shining.

Friends, I don’t have any psychological secrets to share, magic words to say or expensive pills to suggest. Those may be helpful, but all I know is this: In the darkest of my personal storms I was not destroyed, I saw the light.

It’s the same light that brightened a stable and burst forth from a tomb.

Sometimes I had to wait for it, but it never failed to appear.

So my 2017 prayer for you is that you will see it too. That you will look for it and believe in it. That you will follow that light and discover the one source of Joy that can pierce the darkest of storms.

From our family to yours. Happy New Year! Yeah Really!