Hope in the middle of the storm!

Thank you to each of you who responded to my blog “Living Outside the box! Doing it when you don’t feel like it!” This is an important part of life that will be covered in my new book, “Fully Alive.”

If you haven’t read that blog and the comments my friends left, click on the link above and read the very inspiring stories of how my friends face difficult circumstances.

I promised to give you my response to the question, “How do you keep doing it when you don’t feel like it?”

So here it goes. You have to want to live.

In USA today this morning I read a story  of a pilot who crashed a small plane into Lake Huron. He had to tread water for more than 17 hours.  I guarantee that after the first several hours he “didn’t want to” take another stroke.  He was probably tempted to give up. He is alive today because “most of all” he wanted to live.  So he did take another stroke, and another, and then another and was finally rescued.  So many comments reflected this desire to live.

You have to take the next step.

My dear friend, Patsy Clairmont,tells of panic attacks that caused her to develop agoraphobia so severe that she couldn’t do anything or go anywhere.  Eventually she wouldn’t leave her bed.  How could she escape this little box that had become her prison? Patsy say’s that as she cried out to God, she clearly heard His response….. “Make your bed!”  This simple task seemed almost impossible, but Patsy got up and made her bed.  It was a tiny step, but it was the first step to her recovery.  Patsy is now a featured speaker for Women of Faith and inspires thousands of people throughout the world, including me! Why is she is such a vibrant example of life today?   Because in the middle of darkness she took the first step.  She made her bed.

You have to have hope.

In the middle of the storms of life it is easy to feel overwhelmed and be tempted to just stop trying.  But storms don’t last forever.  A few days ago as I faced some pressures of my own, I stepped out onto the porch and saw the scene below.  A violent storm had just passed and was still tormenting the Arkansas Valley.  But in the midst of the storm was a beautiful rainbow, reminding me of God’s promises and reminding of an old song sung by Cynthia Clawson titled “It won’t rain always.”   I am inspired most by people who continue to walk in the midst of the storm…….. because they have hope.

Again, thank you to each of you who commented.  Your words blessed me and many others who read the blog.

Decide to Live!   Make the bed!   Don’t give up Hope!

Hope in the Middle of the Storm

I lift up my eyes to the hills—where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalms 121 NIV