“None of the above”

Three principles for facing life’s multiple choice tests.

I was never a big fan of tests in high school or college.  HOWEVER, when I had to take a test, my preference was the multiple choice test.  It was so much easier to write all the answers on the palm of my hand.  BACK OFF!  I didn’t cheat…  The reason I liked multiple choice was because

they usually gave four optional answers, A B C and D.  That meant that I had a 25% chance of getting the answer right.

After graduation the testing doesn’t stop.  Life presents multiple choice options every day. Physically, mentally, socially and spiritually we face challenges that demand a response.  You CAN’T CHEAT on these tests.  There is no place on your body you can prerecord the answers.

The problem is we often don’t even take the time to clearly identify the choices in life’s tests.  So there is the first principle…

1.  Clearly identify your options and label them A B C D

You can also increase the odds of making good choices, the kind of choices that lead to success and positively influence the lives of others by avoiding options that compromise integrity and divert you from your primary mission.

2. Choose options that are consistent with your core values and purpose

The final principle is this….

3  Don’t choose option D

Option D in many multiple choice tests is “none of the above.” It is the choice of inaction and indecision.  Option D people are the poor folks in political polls who have “no opinion.”  Hellooo!  I see dead people!!! Option D people consider all the exercise plans that might bring health to their lives but choose “none of the above” and end up staying in bed.  Option D people decide that since none of the choices are perfect or hold a guarantee of success they will do “none of the above” and allow years to slip by doing nothing.  They and end up

never writing that book,
talking to that girl,
meeting that neighbor,
or getting getting that degree.

Increase the number of choices. Do some research. Take a risk. Do something, but don’t choose D!

Trust me, this is a struggle I face often.  The default tendency is “none of the above.”  But I have chosen to live life rather than just survive life.  If I am unwilling to make choices,  take chances, and move forward, if I consistently choose D, then………..

when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle
when it comes to experiencing fulfillment
when it comes to having an impact on others
when it comes to nurturing friendships and building relationship
when it comes to making a difference for Christ
when it come to succeeding

I will experience…… “none of the above”

How do you identify your choices and take action in life’s tests ?  Am I alone in being tempted to choose D?  I would love to hear your comments.