why your mom told you to take small bites

Why Your Mom Told You to Take Small Bites

why your mom told you to take small bitesIf a little is good, a lot has to be better, right? Wrong! Want proof?

An Ambien might put you to sleep for the night. Six Ambien could result in a very long dirt nap!

Lifting weights can build muscle. Lifting too much weight can tear muscle.

A table spoon of castor oil is a laxative. A bottle of castor oil is a national security issue. I know! I drank a bottle as a child.

One final example……

Yesterday I spent the entire day at Disney World. That experience was not unlike drinking a bottle of caster oil.

How inspiring it was to see the excitement in the eyes of eager little children as they approached the park in the morning. How touching to see in the eyes of parents anticipation of a day of memories that would last forever.


By early afternoon on this 80-degree day, the same parents stumbled like zombies with no life in their eyes at all. They dragged, carried or pushed exhausted and screaming children from waiting line to waiting line and ride to ride “building memories.” I challenged my family to find a happy face and snap a picture. There were thousands of sleeping faces, angry faces, impatient faces, exhausted faces,  only occasionally punctuated by a face that expressed the joy and anticipation of just a few hours before.

This is a classic symptom of overdose on food, candy, standing in the hot sun, tea cup rides, throwing up and having dozens of pictures taken with large rodents.

Don’t get me wrong. I love every ride and experience in this magical world, but Disney World must be experienced in reasonable bite size chunks rather than full day marathons. At the end of the day I watched lemming-like parents glance at each with sympathetic understanding. Hope had returned to their face as they headed for the exits and the peace and tranquility of nearby hotel. It really is a small world after all.

So here is my point. Whether you are taking your kids to Disney, embarking on an vacation, or tackling a new project, cut it into bite size chunks and attack it one chunk at a time.

Your mom told you to take small bites long ago for a purpose.

  • She didn’t want you to burn out trying to live life all at once.
  • She wanted you to enjoy the taste of life instead of swallowing it whole.
  • She wanted you to smell the roses instead of going to your grave wondering, “What where those red things?”
  • She wanted you to be able to accomplish big things.
  • She wanted you to actually have some “good memories.”
  • She wanted you to regulate your system without having to call a hazmat team.

The adventure of Disney is awesome if you leave time for rest and conversation. Several times I overheard parents saying something similar to this, “We paid a big price for this, were going to keep going until we get our moneys worth.” If Disney doesn’t have a plan that allows for the “bite-sized” experience, they should.

Even the biggest projects are possible when they are divided into manageable bites.

Whatever challenge or adventure looms in your future…… Chop it up! Chew it well! Get er done!

And for the sake of the environment and national security, stay away from the castor oil.

What was your Disney experience?

Do you tend to bite of more than you can chew?

Share your system of dividing projects into smaller bites