a stupid prayer

A Stupid Prayer

It’s Lighten Up Monday!  Why in the world would I pray to ask God for confirmation that I should do something He already asked me to do?  Because sometimes I am afraid to do what He wants me to do!

[youtube id=”nLdeRyRMX-4″]

If the God says “Do it!”  there is no need to get a permission slip or deform a bus driver.  Just Do it.

What has he asked you to do that scares you?  Do you think He can be trusted?
This clip taken from Super Sheep. For more info or to purchase click here.


  1. I think sometimes that’s the whole thing – I want to feel like I’m there for God to use, but am terrified of stepping out of that “I’m in control” area into the “God’s in control area”… Happy Monday and thanks for the reminder Ken!

  2. I have two ways to start a conversation about God and/or
    Christ. If I am being served by or talking to someone who is wearing a cross I
    ask them, “Is that just for decoration or is it meaningful?” The other is our
    spare tire cover which reads, “Evolution, the greatest hoax on earth”. This
    does get quite a few ‘assorted’ comments but I do get to mention God most of
    the time.

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