What Really Defines You?

What Really Defines You?

big babyOne of my first memories is of the day I waddled into the room where my parents were entertaining people for dinner, wearing a low slung, loaded diaper and desperately needing help.

I cleared the room!

A moment like that might make a person avoid dinner parties the rest of his life.

On my kindergarten report card, the teacher wrote “Ken is a pleasant boy.”  I didn’t read cursive very well and I thought it said, “Ken is a peasant boy.”

A moment like that could make a person very fashion conscious for the rest of his life.

On test day, I wrote “Mrs Lawson is my favorite teacher” on my hand, then looked at it repeatedly while taking the test.  Eventually she called me up to the front and insisted that I show her what was written on my hand.  She read it and kissed me on the forehead.

A moment like that can make your classmates beat you senseless.

Our preacher told Diane that she was a rock, she thanked him for the compliment.  That night I told her that Jesus was her anchor.  She sat straight up in bed.  “What? You calling me a ship? Are you saying I look like a boat?”

A moment like that could make a person think much longer before they speak or perhaps stop them from speaking ever again.


Certainly the sum total of all the experiences in our life affect our thinking.  But they do not define us.  Our past does not define us and it doesn’t define our future unless we choose to allow it to do so.  We are not in bondage to our past.

No matter what our past, we are responsible for what we do today.

There are certainly lessons to be learned from the past and we know that God wants to use everything that has happened to us for good.

BUT…..  The next choice you make today is yours!  That choice is what defines you now and will determine your future.  Choose well.

What were some interesting memories in your life you refused to let define you?

What events in your life did define you?

Talk to me!