What do You do When the Warning Light Comes On?

engine light warningLast week a little red light appeared in the console of our car accompanied by the words “Check Engine.”

Over the years I have destroyed two engines by ignoring this light so this time we immediately had the engine checked.  This got me thinking about the other warning lights that appear in our life and the importance of heeding them.   Then yesterday another warning light came on!

I tried on one of my favorite shirts and it didn’t fit!  Oh, I could get it on, but the buttons groaned in agony and eagles could have nested in the gaps created between the buttons.

Denial was immediate.  “It must have shrunk in the wash!”

However as the author of a book challenging men and women to take action to live fully alive and as a man who has made a renewed commitment to telling the truth (especially to myself) I checked out this warning light.  I took the time to try on all the clothing in my closet.  

When it was over there were three piles of clothing, a small pile that fit comfortably, a larger pile of clothing that fit ,but could possibly be used for medieval torture, and a significant pile that I labeled “Severely Shrunken in the Wash.”

For a while I sat on the edge of my bed beating myself up, then it hit me. (No pun in tended)  Being your own bully is really stupid.

This moment was a gift.  I had been given a warning light that would  help me get back on the right path again.  I had ignored other flickers of warning along the way but like the picture in the book of me standing on the beach, this one captured my attention.  I am so grateful. Too often we ignore all the warning signs, and live in denial until one day we decide it is to late.P2-1

So what is the lesson here?


If there is a warning light blinking in your life, rejoice. Act on it today.

It’s blessing sent from God.  It’s an invitation to drop destructive behavior and return to the joy of living fully alive.

So there you have it.  I am glad you know that I have seen the light and I’m moving to correct my course.  Though I am nowhere near the awful state I talk about in my book,  60 lbs overweight and dangerously out of shape, I refuse to drift back that direction.  

I will keep you informed as I  get back on track and watch the piles of clothing shift back to the ratio they need to be.

In my next post I will share my plan, but I need to hear from you.

Did God ever give you a warning light?
What was it about?
What happened?
Has this post helped you see the light?

I promise to read every comment. Let’s continue to walk toward life together.

Warning light

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