You must Stop if you intend to Smell the Roses.

Wild Roses

Today I woke up early determined to run up the mountain to two beautiful lakes. This is exercise at it’s best and I was committed to reaching the lakes in less than an hour. The route is all up hill amid towering pines paralleling a rambunctious stream.  As I labored upward there was only one thing on my mind.  Make the trip in 60 minutes.  Okay, I was also thinking of oxygen. 

A flash of color catches my eye. Wild roses!  I can’t stop.  Have to make it to the top in an hour.  But about ten strides later I turn around and run back for a closer look.  The roses are so beautiful, I can’t resist snapping a picture.  Then a sweet, wild, pure aroma washes over me. I inhale  deeply, put my camera away and with renewed energy  continue my sprint up the mountain.  On this steep trail “sprint” means a heaving shuffle, but I refuse to walk. I have to make it in an hour.


A few minutes later I see another flower so beautiful it is been designated as the Colorado State flower, the spectacular Columbine. I glance at my watch.  I must stop even if I don’t make it to the lakes in an hour.  The camera shutter clicked and I continued on.  Then there was part of an elk carcass and the bluebells. I end up stopping to take all of the pictures you see here and I am so glad that I did.


The the lakes were still there when I finally broke into the open at the end of the trail.

Not only did I reach the lakes I got a chance to enjoy the journey AND I made it to the lakes in 56 minutes.

I know it may sound trite, but don’t let your hurry to reach a destination keep you from stopping to smell the roses.

Don’t hurry past LIFE.

Have you ever stopped to “smell the roses?” What was your experience?