How I Stayed Married for 46 Years!

The big day! 46 years ago!

The big day! 46 years ago!

Yesterday as I was having breakfast with my wife Diane, I received a text from my daughter.  The text said, “Congratulations dad, on your 46th anniversary.”

I had totally forgotten! I involuntarily made a sound like a rabbit being stepped on by a hippo. I looked up to see Diane stifling a giggle behind her hand.  “Happy Anniversary,” I said, stepping around the table to give her a hug and a sheepish apology.  This was not the first time in 46 years I had forgotten important occasions.

“Why have you stayed married to me for 46 years?”  I asked.  Still laughing, this is what she answered….

“You married the right woman. “

She is so right.  I have NEVER spent a lot of time wondering what it would be like to be married to someone else, because if I was married to someone else, I probably wouldn’t be married.  “Someone else” would have sent me packing long ago.  Forgetting isn’t a weakness of mine.  It is a “talent!”  As I grow older, I am getting better at it.   I have other talents as well.

  • Professional mess maker
  • Perpetual toilet seat leaver-upper
  • Door and drawer leaver-opener
  • Cell phone loser
  • Car keys hider
  • Dirty clothes dropper
  • Thunderous snorer
  • Acrobatic sleeper

Over the years I have modified some of these talents to be less annoying, but I am very aware of how fortunate I was to marry a woman who loved me in spite of those awful talents.

God searched the universe and could not find a woman who would put up with me.  So he created  a one of a kind unique and beautiful creature who would love me just the way I was. “Your name will be Diane,” he said.  “Special blessings will be reserved for you in heaven because you will put up with this man.”

Diane knew what she was getting into. When we got engaged, the sweet elderly woman who watched over the men’s dorm at my college, pulled Diane aside one day and warned,  “Don’t marry this man!”  When Diane asked, “why?”  the woman replied, “Have you ever seen his room?”     She’s seen it now for 46 years and she still loves me.

Diane has an amazing sense of humor.  Laughter has often been a part of the healing process when we faced conflict or difficulties.

Diane has been quick to forgive. Trust me, I have needed some serious forgiving over the years.

Diane is committed to make our marriage work and to train me how to make it work. 

The same God that made us for each other, helped us through some very difficult times.  After 46 years, I would marry her again.  Today she told me she would make the same decision.

Then she said, “Put our next anniversary on your calendar and go spend some serious cash to make up for forgetting this one!

I’m on my way!

How long have you been married?
Have you ever forgotten an important event in your marriage?
Was anyone injured as a result?

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Still in love after 46 years!