The Birth of an Argument!

It’s Monday!  Time to lighten up and live!  You can relax.  I am saving my April Fools post for tomorrow!

Diane and I have been married for 45 years and I think we argue more than then ever before…… because neither of us can hear any more.

We have entire arguments in our house with just one word…. WHAT!  Humor always saves the day.  We laughed until we couldn’t breath after this exchange. I poured my heart out to my wife…….   and she responded…..


[youtube id=”_7MpsGX8RkI”]

If you never have arguments in your house, you need to do a buddy check, because one of you has died.

What causes arguments in your house?
We laugh about our arguments, what have you learned to help you work out disagreements in a healthy way?

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