The lords prayer – for real this time!!

[youtube id=”AR4PQ30VkBk”]

The video of this little girl singing The Lords Prayer has been viewed more than 10million times. You will see why.

I wrote an entire post about the prayer and deleted it. There’s really nothing to add.

Listen to the words.  Watch her sweet face.  This speaks for itself.



    1. Janice, Sorry you are having trouble. Be sure to click “continue reading” and click on the video. It worked for me. Try again and let me know

  1. Best part: “Lead us not into temptation..” as she looks at the wall behind her. I am laughing so much as I watch. Laughing with joy because of her sweetness.

    1. Thank you for sharing your comments on this. And for your laughter.

  2. Amazing, we were really impressed and touched. Thanks for posting it.

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