What Does a Successful Day Look Like?

IMG_6231A single question asked by Paul Gustavson, leader of  The Platform Builders mastermind group helped me consider and recognize an important definition of success. 

I had three blog posts to write, several chapters in my new book to edit, and 28 radio shows to work on. It was important for me to accomplish these tasks. But, at the end of day, it was the following pictures that defined success for me. On this day God gave me the privilege of bringing smiles to little faces. He gave me the opportunity to strengthen relationships with my grandchildren and point out his amazing handiwork.

The business items listed above gained added significance in light of their ability to enable us to experience this very successful day. Click any picture to enlarge.

A morning visit from a young moose.

A morning visit from a young moose.

"Stream time" replaces "Screen time."

“Stream time” replaces “Screen time.”


Teaching a child how to skip a stone


We explore a gold mine!

An adventure ride into the mountains

An adventure ride into the mountains

Me and tyler before climb

Making a decision to climb to the top.


Grandson points to 13,000 ft summit – We can do this.

We reach the summit together. We are the specks on top.

We reach the summit together. We are the specks on top.

A snowball fight in the middle of summer.

A snowball fight in the middle of summer.

A snowball fight in the middle of summer.

Catching a fish.

As a boy I had no mountains, no gold mines, no lofty snow fields, but I remember and entire day fishing with my dad in a tiny river. One of the best days of my life.

Tell me about a “successful” day you remember.




  1. The past two days. I didn’t “accomplish” much, but I spent the days creating memories with my children and niece and nephew, playing games; creating spears, swords, and bows out of willow trees; picking berries; and learning how to weave baskets with brambles. Another great message, Ken!

  2. What a great post Ken. After reading your post i was tempted to try to define my idea of a “successful day” but then I realized that the definition will change from time to time. Yes we should all strive to have “Successful Days” like you show here. These are the most rewarding “successful days” that we can have. We also have to have “Successful Days” at work because the work is what will allow us to have the rewarding “Successful Days” like the one you had. We just need to make sure we have a great balance of “Successful Days” and if at all possible have more days like this.

  3. When my son was little, we used to call those days, Golden Days. One of my favorite Golden Days with him was when we lived in Florida and on a summer day it began to storm outside. Not thunder, just rain and he turned to me and said, “Mama, can I dance in the rain?” I remember stopping in surprise and further surprised myself by saying, “Yes…go dance in the rain!” I will never, ever forget the joy on that young face as he danced in the rain…it was one of those golden moments when you think, Yes! That was the right answer! It’s been a long time since that little boy danced in the rain but in my mind that feeling, that joy stays everyoung.

  4. I guess my last two days were successful … I had some lovely chats with two young fellows ( age 7 & 10) and today had all four of my CE groups participate quietly and reverently in a silent circle prayer – I was chaplain at a week long camp. I don’t like camp but these two times were very special.

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