1. As one of your neighbors (I’m down in Spring Hill), I’ve just been avoiding Franklin for the past few months. Which means no 55South, and no Factory excursions and no trips to the Franklin theater. I, like you, am looking very much to everything getting back to normal — that is, until the next project they decide to begin working on.

    1. I’ve been avoiding Franklin for months, but not on purpose. Thanks for helping me know I am not the only one.

  2. Greetings Ken!

    You’ve still got a delightful sense of humor.

    I remember meeting you years ago in London, Ontario as part of a YFC visit to London Free Methodist. We purchased your Supersheep & SCORRE videotapes way back then.
    I also used to play your Lighten Up & Live segments when I hosted Rise & Shine on GRACE-FM.

    Since you’ve been there, I thought I’d share a poem I wrote about the construction in London.

    “Only One Season”

    Cats are said to have nine lives
    That would be extraordinary
    And it seemed that every month was March
    When I served in the military.

    But there’s only one season in London
    If you live here, you’ll know what I mean
    Everyday there is roadside construction
    And all the times in between.

    It seems they rearrange potholes
    A parade of trucks set to overload
    They get a full police escort
    All the way down Wellington Road.

    For there’s only one season in London
    Your employer asks, “Where have you been?”
    They paved a new road just to tear it up
    And I got stuck behind the machine.

    So if you’re stuck in rush route traffic
    And the miles ahead won’t budge
    Just park your car, wherever you are
    And walk through the rivers of sludge.

    We now live on the west coast an hour from Vancouver,

    Next time we’re through Franklin, TN we will look for you, starting with signs of those colorful costumes. 🙂

    Kind Regards,

  3. Chattanooga did the same thing one weekend when Precepts had 9,000 guests in town and there was a major motorcycle rally downtown. You could get absolutely no where very quickly.

  4. Very funny – I was recently in Franklin and made the fatal mistake of taking Mack Hatcher as a short cut – at least it used to be one when I lived there back in 1998. And where the heck did all those buildings in Cool Springs come from?

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