Dog or Cat? There’s a Difference!


A dog is a man’s best friend. If you don’t believe it, put your dog and your friend in the trunk of the car for an hour. When you open the trunk, which one is really happy to see you? I won’t even suggest that you put a cat in the trunk for an hour.

A dog knows how to love. It’s said that C.S. Lewis, who loved dogs, once stated that dogs give us a hint of what true worship should be like. Think of it. When a dog’s master is gone the dog is miserable and gets into all kinds of trouble. When the master returns, the dog is filled with ecstatic joy.

Meanwhile the cat has taken up residence in your favorite chair, looking at you as if to say, “I was here first!”

A dog is obedient. Dogs constantly look to you for direction and are giddy with the opportunity to please you. I tell my dog to “sic ’em” and he takes off not even knowing what it is he’s suppose to “sic.” Eventually, he heads straight for the cat.

I tell my cat to “sic ’em” and I get a condescending “are you out of your mind” look.


A dog’s attitude is one of service and worship.You pet me, you feed me, you put a roof over my head. You must be God!”  A cat’s attitude is rebellious and independent, “You pet me, you feed me, you put a roof over my head. I must be God.”  Unfortunately, I often have a cat attitude.

Yep, I think we need to be a little more like dogs.

What do you think?
Have at it cat lovers, but be nice! No hissing!



  1. I love all animals, but I can tell you this- owning a dog is great, but nothing makes you more humble than owning a cat. They walk all over you just when you think you have them tamed, they swat at you the second you think you have them under your will, and they let you know that though you pay the bills and feed them, that THEY ARE IN CHARGE.
    However, these feline critters also know when you’re sad, and will cuddle up to you when you feel like crying. They also like to lay on you when you’re the most irritated, and calm you down with their purrs. Some cats are even willing to act the clown and hug your hand when you pet their chests, making you smile for the first time that day.

    Much better than dog slobber, I might add.

    Okay boo-boo..I wrote what you told me to…now RELEASE YOUR CLAWS from my leg!

      1. Your eyebrow must have resembles kitty’s momma..perhaps some plucking (or weed whacking) is in order? ;P

  2. Cats keep you humble. You do the feeding, cleaning, and all that … and get ignored. However, notice that the cat goes seeking you when you settle somewhere … and often gets into whatever you are doing. my cat, M’Gennis likes to help me when I’m sewing on a quilt. Try doing the quilting with the cat on the quilt!

    1. Try packing a house (and unpacking) with cats around…one look at all the “cool toys” just waiting to be played with- Cats LOVE boxes!

  3. I was raised a dog lover but fell into the cat world by an enterprising cat named Houdini who stuck a paw at me through a cage at a shelter as if to say, “Whoa. I need help in here.” I never regretted the decision to become a cat mom from that point on. Cats do keep you humble but they also bring their own kind of sensibility. Dogs are just huge piles of love…they love you no matter what…cats keep your ego in check, just when you think you’re all that and a bag of chips, the cat will barf on the rug and remind you, “You work for me kid”

      1. so…you’d rather have mice running over your doggie’s nose than have a little exterminator? Mine saves me tons by critter catching! (Unfortunately we had mice in our old rental house, and the cats learned to hunt there. Moved into the new place and they got two since the move 1.5 years ago. Wish they cared as much for the ants that seem to thrive in this neighborhood!)

  4. I grew up with dogs and cats. In my “grown-up” life I had no pets until a mother cat and her kittens walked out of the woods and into my back yard (and heart) one evening, asking to be part of our household. Momma Kitty (I don’t take credit for naming her) is the most polite cat I’ve ever known, and seems eternally grateful that we took her in during her time of need. Ten years later, she’s still as playful as a kitten, and is so happy to see me when I get up in the morning or come home from work. Just like a dog, she runs down from the porch steps to the driveway as soon as she sees my car pull up. If I sleep in on the weekend, she will come check on me, just to make sure I’m ok, happy to snuggle with me in bed until I decide it’s time to get up. As Linda commented, I am not allowed to make a quilt without her “help”. And as “sillypoet” reported, she is such a comfort when I’m feeling sad or sick. God definitely blesses us when he sends these creatures our way!

  5. I like both but I do prefer dogs. I never had a cat meet me at the door after coming home from work. it is also interesting to note that one of the primary Greek words for worship actually translates “to kiss like a dog licking the master’s hand”

    1. Jon, I’m so sorry you’ve never been met at the door by a cat. My cat meets me at the door when I get home every time. I can hear her mewing for me as I unlock the door. She rubs my legs and purrs just as loud as she can as she follows me up the stairs. As soon as I put things down she stretches up to be picked up and cuddled.

    2. yep me too. i Have 2 cats that meet me at the door.. and the one gives kisses when you let her. she acts like a dog, but i dont have to walk her. i dont have time for dogs.. too much work while i’m working. i like them, but love cats. so hiss and boo.. actually i have 3 or 4 that come running to the door.. love it.

  6. That’s too funny! I must say that my Petunia kitty is pretty cool though. She follows me around like a puppy and brings me gifts of half-dead mice and birds. How can you beat that?! Ughh! ( She definitely displays an attitude when I don’t show the proper appreciation for her gifts.)

  7. I enjoy my cats but am a true dog lover at heart — mostly of the larger breeds. It looks like the consensus is dogs love unconditionally, but cats bestow us with a sense of humility. Great life application, Ken.

  8. Are those dogs in the pic with you Mastiffs? Sweet doggies! 🙂

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