What God Sees

Tween Harv n ColuIn 1984 I learned to fly. It was a way to bring my family to my speaking engagements without having to buy expensive airline tickets for each person. It soon became much more than that. Flying got in my blood. There is nothing on earth as exhilarating as viewing earth from above. This flight was resplendent with unique cloud formations, a rouge rainbow, and a perspective of earth not available to those with their feet planted in the grass. Here are a few examples of what I saw.


I wondered. Is this what God sees? Is this what captures his attention?

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Later in the day with my feet on the ground, I prepared for a Bible study. As I read, I was reminded that God’s attention is not on the clouds he created, or on the waterpark man created. His attention isn’t even on the plane I fly. His attention, his love, his actions are directed toward me and you. From 11,000 feet where I sat, I couldn’t even see a person on the ground.

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I am so glad that from where God sits, he chooses see me…. and he cares.



  1. My dad was a pilot also and I grew up flying with him. What a gift that was..and so much perspective. I remember seeing thunderstorms miles away, and one July 4th fireworks all over. I remember my brother looking for Jesus when we got above the clouds. Daddy has been gone for 12 years now…thanks for sharing and the sweet memories it brought.

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