Beauty in the shadows

6a00d834958b7053ef01156f1d60cf970cOn Monday, my 9 yr old granddaughter, Kialee, and I drove the back roads of Tennessee looking for things to photograph. I relish investing my life and time encouraging each of my grandchildren to nourish and develop their gifts. By looking at the pictures Kialee took you can see that she indeed has a gift. One special moment in this day stood out to me. We were looking at the pictures Kialee had taken when I came across this picture.

6a00d834958b7053ef0115701443d4970bWanting to be the consummate fountain of photographic knowledge, I pointed out that she had not included the entire bridge in the picture. To which Kialee responded, “I wasn’t taking a picture of the bridge. I was taking a picture of the shadow of the bridge. Isn’t it beautiful?” I was stunned by her observation. All true artists have an eye for contrast, texture, light and shadow. Kialee understood a principle that is not only the secret to great photography but also to healthy living.

True joy comes from seeing beauty not only when sunshine floods our lives, but when difficulty casts shadows in our path. Life is full of shadows. I need to follow Kialee’s example and learn to see the the beauty in them. After all, without light there would be no shadows, only darkness.


Thank you for our time together Kialee, and for what I learned from you.


  1. …go Kailee!!!
    …and teach that olde fine granddad of yours some new tricks
    …and don’t forget to always laugh at his olde jokes

  2. Wow Ken – that is awesome. Not only her camera view,(and very talented eye) but also your ability to translate that view in to a word picture that is powerful and touching. The True joy paragraph totally speaks to my heart.
    Thanks for sharing this. And Happy Easter.

  3. Hi Ken…… Please tell your granddaughter her photography is beautiful, keep it up she really does have a gift.My uncle was a professional artist and photographer. I see a future in it for her even if it for just the pure fun of a hobby. If she’s seeing things like that she’s got something worth nurturing.
    Going to link you to my blog…I’ll keep up with the Davis’ better that way!
    Have a lovely Lord’s Day.
    Pam Nelson

  4. This is actually a very cool picture. I am a photographer, so I know. Abstract is my favorite! Good eye!

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