Confessions of a Love Sick Dad!

It’s lighten up Monday! In this clip, I talk about  life’s bottom line to 11,000 adults and a stage full of teenagers. Enjoy!
[youtube id=”0FdsIXS3fZk”] The central message of the Bible is the Creator of the universe telling us, “I love you.” His central message to us is, “Show love to each other.”

Without love there is no life.

Is there someone you need to say,”I love you” to?
How have the words “I love you” changed your life?


  1. Thank you for Lighten Up Monday. Love your sense of humor. I have all of your videos – makes my spirit laugh when I am down – keep em coming Ken. Thank you, Thank you.

  2. I just finished memorial services on Saturday for my beloved. My heart is positively broken but I do know that hearing him whisper he loved me in my ear or have him look at me in the morning and say it or just catching his eye across a room, I felt that love. I was tremendously blessed to have him in my life. Tremendously blessed.

  3. I have a daughter, it would be nice to hear those words from
    her but she doesn’t talk to me because I do “that God thing”. Can you guess how
    often she is in my prayers?

  4. Ken, you are by far the only comedian that can make me laugh, and no sound comes out of my mouth. I am laughing so hard and wiping tears from my eyes. Thank you, Thank you…blessings

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have an entire audience that laughed without making noise, just crying! Your comment made me laugh. Thank you

  5. Ken, Thanks for being so candid about life and the things we feel and are too timid to say. You make me feel like it’s okay to be who I am. That I’m not too much weirder than the next person. And that it’s okay to laugh about it, too! Life gets better every day!

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