1. Well said, Ken. True relationship can only grow in the face of vulnerability. A vulnerability required by God to be reconciled to Him and required by our children if we are to be their strong, loving parent not their dictator.

    I’m not sure I said those exact five words with my children, but I’ve used the word “sorry” and conveyed their meaning in many ways through the years. Today, I am blessed with a wonderful relationship with all four of my children, to God be all the glory!

  2. So true Ken. Over 22 years raising our four beautiful children there have been many times I wished I could have that time over and do things differently. On many occessions I have sat on the bed with whowever I have lost my cool with, and quietly said “I am so sorry. What I did and said was very wrong”. Often they would respond by saying “It’s ok Dad” to which I would assure them that what I did was categorically NOT ok. My hope and prayer is that they will not ‘carry’ whatever the unfounded criticism was and realise it was me with the problem, not them.

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