God in a cornfield?


Two days in the middle of a insane schedule to do what? I’ve done nothing but ride cramped airplanes for the last month. Now I’m going to get on another grueling flight to South Dakota to hunt pheasants with men who love love God and love being together? Am I nuts? I arrive at Arhart farms, “Dakota Fellowship Lodge.” Within minutes of arriving on the farm the mental and physical fatigue melt away. I am with honest men who are sold out to Christ. I have nothing to prove. These men love me because we have in common a love for Christ, a passion for hunting and true sportsmanship, and desire to help children born into poverty.


I can’t explain what has happened to me. All I know that is that God has touched a nerve deep within my soul. I am not only refreshed. I am more committed than ever to make my life count for the one who created all of this. I am committed to help Compassion International bring hope to little ones living without hope. Beyond that, I am speechless. That alone is a miracle.


  1. Although I can’t say that I share your love of hunting, I am rejoicing with you that you have been renewed and refreshed in Him. I have recently found your blog (looking for an article in Christianity Today that we had obviously both enjoyed.)
    Many Blessings!

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