I can fly


In 1984 I learned to fly. It was a way to bring my family to my speaking engagements without having to buy expensive airline tickets for each person. It soon became much more than that. I am addicted. There is nothing on earth as exhilarating as viewing it from above. My trip to Cedar Falls Iowa this week was resplendent with unique cloud formations, a rouge rainbow, and a perspective of earth not available to those with their feet in the grass. Here are a few examples of what I saw.

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I wondered. Is this what God sees? Is this what captures his attention? Later in the day with my feet on the ground, I prepared for a Bible study. As I read, I was reminded that God’s attention is not on the clouds he created, or on the airport man created, or even on the plane I was flying. His attention, his love, his actions are directed toward me and you. From 11,000 feet I couldn’t even see a person on the ground. I am so glad from where he sits God can see me.

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