Inescapable evidence

I spent the last couple of days gathering evidence to substantiate the existence of God…….. I couldn’t gather it. There was too much. So I just took pictures. Here are just a few of hundreds of exhibits I found on a single fall weekend.1

Evidence from the air!


Evidence in God’s driveway!


Evidence from my bedroom window at Round Cove!


Overlooking the evidence!


Evidence growing wild!


Evidence right by my side!

– OR – you can ignore the evidence and call it all an accident with no love, direction or purpose! I think I have reached a verdict.


  1. Evidence is all around us! It’s a crying shame some people are just too blind to see…

  2. An agnostic friend of mine was invited by the his clergyman to regard a beautiful rose and say that he did not see the working of a supreme intelligence in its production. He had just come from a bed on which a beautiful and innocent girl was being slowly killed by a parasite microbe, and he silenced his pastor by asking if God had also created the microbe.

    Joseph McCabe (1867-1955).

    1. Author

      Johnny, Thank you for your thought provoking response. To ignore the inescapable evidence of the rose and only consider the microbe would be as grievous an error as to ignore the microbe and only concentrate on the rose. That is part of why I appreciate your response. It reminds me of the full scope of my belief which includes considering the problem of pain and evil in this world. Though I am not sure there are exhaustive explanations that completely eliminate the problems in either point of view, I am surprised that a pastor would be silenced by the question. Just as I would be surprised if you were silenced by my blog. May I respectfully suggest a book by Philip Yancey entitled, “Where is God when it hurts.” Once again I appreciate your comments. You challenge me to continue to think and to consider to search for answers to the hard questions.

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