Morning Glory

Woke up this morning and was astounded by the work of the best artist ever.

All of these pictures are of WILD flowers. All were taken within about ten yards of the cabin. Of course we all know that this is not the result of intelligent design. This is an accident, the result of random chaos. Yeah right!

What a God we serve!


  1. He is truly Mighty. What a thoughtful Creator to give us such beauty.
    And Ken? Good pictures by you, too!

  2. What an awesome God to allow us the privilege of viewing his splendor all around us,the flowers,the sunrise,the beaches,the trees…I cvould go on and on. Thanks for the pics to remind us to pay attention

  3. Amen! Flowers show us the tenderness of God. The mountains, oceans and thunder show his might and power. Thanks for sharing his Glory with us Ken! Can’t wait to get to Heaven! Amen!
    -Carl Thompson

  4. Ah yes. Ken. Magnificent. I love Wildflowers and I miss you guys already! Have fun up there in God’s Country!!!

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