Near sighted people get there quicker

Everything is so far away!

Are your dreams far away and undefined or within reach and rich with detail? I just spent a week with my youngest grandson, Tyler.  He is one of the most positive little people I have ever met.  His answer to almost everything is an enthusiastic “OKAY!”

“Want to climb a mountain?”


“Want to ride the four wheeler?”


There are some exceptions! I asked him if he wanted to get a flu shot and couldn’t find him for an hour.

One morning I caught him stumbling across our deck looking through a pair of binoculars.  He seemed very frustrated, confused and he had a hard time keeping his balance.  He was looking through the binoculars backward. Even his feet looked like they were miles away.  I wish I had captured the look on his face when I turned the binoculars around and he saw things close up, detailed, and reachable.  You couldn’t pry them out of his hands.  He even watched TV with them.  Everything seemed within reach.

Made me think.  As you set goals or face challenges, does it all seem far away and impossible! Do you find yourself saying things like……..

I can never do it,

It”s going to take too long,

I can hardly see myself accomplishing this?

Do you find yourself off balance,

stumbling and afraid to take steps?

Do you struggle to see the details that will help you overcome obstacles and propel you toward your goal?

Turn the binoculars around!!!!!!


Don’t be afraid to study the detail of what lies between you and your goal.  Take a long CLOSE look at what you are working toward.

With your eyes glued to that goal, develop a strategy to overcome any obstacles. Replace distant negative thinking with aggressive close up  strategy. Eventually you will have to put the binoculars down because you have reached your goal. You can reach out and touch it!

Which end of the binoculars are you looking through?


  1. LOVE IT!! I appreciate your words so much. I am learning to see the details that are in front of me in a very purposeful way. Trying my best to notice every detail that I can so I can accomplish what is before me. Thank you for the reminder to keep at it.
    Much love,

    1. Author

      Alyssa, I often have to remind myself of the same thing. Sometimes the reminder comes out of the mouths of babes. A new post on Tyler’s influence on my life is coming soon. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Excellent, Ken! My opinion: One of the best blogs you’ve ever posted!!

  3. God’s message really comes in various forms…He even uses baby’s little acts for adults to realize. Great!

  4. Thanks for sharing Ken. I also love learning from my grandchildren. Isn’t it funny that we often think that we as adults should be the teachers~only to find out, that’s not what God has in mind. I love all the insights you give, through the people in your life, but I must say, I most enjoy what we learn from children.
    Gods Blessings, Jeannie

    1. They really do speak wisdom and simplicity into our lives. To bad we lose some of that perspective as we grow older. Thank you so much for following my blogs.

  5. Ken, It’s been a few years since I was a youngster in training at DCW, but the knowledge I learned there is sustaining me in my fledgling speaking career. The binoculars are a great analogy for me because I am attempting to write a book, and for a long time I’ve had the binocs the wrong way. Now I have just actually started to start. And seeing just a few hundred words on the page up close is giving me enough courage to keep going.

    A great new way to “look” at this journey for me – so thank you for the fresh viewpoint!

    Keep on being blessed to be a blessing.
    Sarah Beckman

  6. Ken, Your words are very encouraging to me! I have seen you in person a couple times. First at a Easter mens event in Mpls. back in 1997? And then right here in our little town (Litchfield,MN.) at a Youth For Christ banquet in 2002? Hope to see you soon again. I enjoy your humor and watch your videos and read your blogs and books often and enjoy your wisdom and how you lead people to Gods word and to follow Jesus. I have done alot of things in my life and always done my best for God but never have been content. I have always tried to share Jesus in whatever I am doing, and I am involved in my church serving on the worship team, youth leader and just where ever I am needd but have always felt God calling me to full time youth ministry; especially recently. Now at age 44 (next Friday Sept. 17th) I am really praying about it and wondering if it is possible and how to go about it with a family I love so very much and want to take care of and support. I keep looking through those binoculars the wrong way and getting frustrated and giving up. I am ready to be obedient to God and praying for His guidance, provision and blessing only if it is His will. I would love your encouragement and advice if you have time to drop me a line. Thanks for all you do for the kingdom!!! your friend from Litchfield,MN. Marty

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