A tribute to my daughter, from her #1 friend

Scott, Bailey, Preston, Taryn

Today as I read the comments on my last blog, How to find friends in a world of fans, I came across this very special comment from my son in law Scott Fowler.  Scott once sang with “The Cathedrals” and now travels with his own very popular Southern Gospel group, “Legacy Five.”  Scott has more fans than a Tennessee deer has ticks. His comment is a tribute to the character of my daughter, Taryn and the quality of their love. I hope you enjoy the comment and the story.

Dear Father-in-law,

Wow!  What a GREAT post! I was “RE-reminded” of THE VERY thing that most attracted me to your daughter, my wife, Taryn. I’d like to share it with your readers.

Taryn and I met on a Charles Stanley cruise to Alaska.  Ken was on board as a guest speaker and I was on board with the Cathedrals…the guest singers. Taryn and I hit it off and hung out all week long. After the cruise we talked every night, long distance on the phone.  After about a week on the phone (not non-stop) she “popped the question.”  The question was, “hey Scott, what’s the name of that group again that you sing with?”

I LOVED it!  I knew I had found THE ONE.

See, all other past relationships seemed to be centered around their attraction to me for “what I did, not who I was.”  They were enamored by the fact that I was a member of the most popular and successful southern gospel group of all time. They had been FANS…not FRIENDS. For the first time ever, I had found someone whom I didn’t have to question the motive for why she was interested in me.

Singing is what I do…it isn’t who I am.

I hope your post encourages all who read it to get to know people for who they are.  Here’s to friends!

Thank you Scott for this tribute to Taryn and for being an exceptional friend to me.  Will you help carry the box???


  1. This is the sort of relationship I have with my inlaws. Granted I never had to worry about my wife loving me for what I do, we met in college and were both about as penniless as college students can be. We are each other’s biggest FANS as well as being best FRIENDS.

  2. Scott Fowler and Legacy Five is the BEST SINGING GROUP that I have ever heard. I have to admit that I have a Crush on Scott even though I am 80 Years old. What a REAL MAN he is!!
    I hope real soon that I will be able to help support them weekly.
    Scott, if that day comes, I would like to talk to you personally as how to best send you a monthly donation.

    You were at my church a while back,,,,Trinity Baptist Church Asheville NC… You all were unbelievable! I hope you will be back in our area again with a concert.
    God Bless the whole quartet.
    Jo Ann Pearson
    (828) 6323-0326

  3. I got hooked on Ken Davis. Not only is he hilarious but an inspiration – even in my “old” age – – 82. . I love to laugh. My husband – at 85, even laughs at the funny stories. ( I had to teach him how to laugh. . ) Not really – but pretty close to truth. He invited his bro and his wife over after eating out together – to show them the ‘Super Sheep’ dvd which he ordered. Thanks for the inspirational, clean humor. The message is always great.

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