An old guy places third!

There are no words to describe the satisfaction of completing my first Sprint Triathlon. On top of finishing, I won third place in the “So old they might die before the finish line” category. Team Magic and GJJC did an unbelievable job organizing this race.

Thanks to Spence Smith for inspiring this adventure, and to Randy Elrod for demonstrating effort above and beyond the call of duty. Randy rode five miles on a flat tire and finished with honors. Read more here.

Next year my granddaughter and my wife are going to race. Why don’t you join me too! Enjoy the pictures.


  1. Congrats, Ken – you killed it today! It was an honor to be a part of it. We’ll see you next year!

  2. Ken – this is really cool I have to admit – even if at 43, I am incapable of the race and well… the attire. 😉 (trust me – there is enough violence in the world without my wearing spandex.) – I’m excited for you. I think this was a great accomplishment at any age or any category. Way to go.

  3. Awesome, dude! I had the pleasure of coaching a team of Veterans for several years at the National
    Golden Age Games…..what a joy to see all these
    people over 55 competing. “I’d rather die while I’m livin, than live while I’m dead”

  4. I notice from the photos that they write your bib number on your leg. Is that to make it easier to match up the body parts if you have a spectacular wreck?

    Great job. I’m inspired to continue losing weight and start competing with myself in races/walks/bikerides/etc.

  5. Let’s hear it for the Clyde’s, woohooo!!!!

    WTG dude. (seriously)

    (I’m in your age category, but too short to be a Clyde). They just call me ‘that little tiny old guy’.

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