Pick up thy legs and WALK!

Our country is facing some major problems. There are two basic views of how to solve those problems. One is to tax the wax out of Americans and wait for the government to come to the rescue. The other is to empower people to WALK!


  1. Great video!
    It scares me how many people refuse to take responsibility for their actions or for the situations they happen to find themselves in. Somebody else is always at fault. It seems to me that when my grandparents were growing up, this wasn’t the case in society. I wonder when (and how) things started to change.

  2. “Tax the wax” lol
    I kept waiting for a little kid to climb up the escalator and give them a funny look.
    And I agree with Eric, what happened to us?
    Once upon a time, people believed in working hard, you had to to stay alive. They also believed in taking care of their elders, and there were strong family ties. If someone needed help, they’d go to their friends or their church (or just scraped through in silence). Now we seem to have a grasshopper mentality “The world owes me a livin'”(referring to an old Disney cartoon about a grasshopper and an aunt) It’s truly pathetic.

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