Three Characteristics of a Leader

There are a number of characteristics common to effective leaders. Here are three that apply to 50+ people that I am spending three days with this week.

  • A leader never stops seeking excellence in every area of life. When a man or woman decides that they have arrived and have nothing more to learn, their skills and passion will begin to die.
  • Leaders are not ruled by fear. They move through fear to accomplish worthy goals.
  • A leader makes investments of time, money and energy to be the best that God created them to be. They know that todays investment will lead to tomorrows success.

This week fifty plus men and women of character are committing three days of their life to learn to be better communicators. They are people who have overcome the obstacle of fear, refused to settle for mediocrity and have made the investment to become better communicators.  I can’t wait to meet these leaders from all walks of life who will sharpen their skills and learn to prepare with focus, deliver with clarity, and speak with power.

Even if you can’t come to this years workshop we wanted you to benefit from what will happen there. This year for the first time you can be part of our virtual conference experience! Here’s what we’ll be doing:

We will be Posting daily reports to our blog (from the perspective of a student) of what’s happening at the conference. Be sure to subscribe via email so you don’t miss a thing! Check daily for new blogs

We will be sharing videos, photos, and more on Facebook. To keep up with these updates check out Ken’s fan page here.

We will also be doing a play-by-play of daily activities on Twitter. Follow@DCWSpeaks and watch the hash tag #DCW11 to stay informed.

Hope you will join us via one of these networks and hope someday to see you at a Dynamic Communicators Workshop.

What Characteristics have you seen in great leaders?



    1. Author

      Absolutely right! That may be one of the most important characteristics of a leader.

  1. Hi Ken,
    it is true that we need to remain teachable. I believe that any stagnation caused by a false sense of “I have arrived” causes atrophy of the brain and spirit. I tend to feel best when my mind is focused and learning new things. Right now I’m learning a lot of new things – my manager has resigned and I’m taking on some of her duties with 3 days of training. I will miss her but will not be fearful of the new horizon ahead. Years ago I found this in a fortune cookie “Courage is fear that has said its prayers”. It has spoken volumes to me over the years and has given me great encouragement and I hope it helps someone else today. I’m still working on my leadership skills as I work within my church and with our teen youth group. Their presence each week affirms that I have not “arrived” and I embrace the learning. God bless you and those you are leading this week.

    1. Author

      Nora, That’s why I love the group I am teaching at DCW this week. Some of these people are professionals, but they want to learn more and be better. thank you for your insight.

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