What’s wrong with this Picture?


What’s wrong with this picture?

I took this picture after slamming on the brakes at the top of a hill near my home. I couldn’t t believe my eyes.

What is the flagger ahead sign for?
Forget the word “ahead.” The guy is standing fifteen feet in front of it. If you were to hit your brakes when you got to this sign you would have to put up another sign…… Flagger ahh dead! How much work would it have been to drop the sign off fifty yards down the road so that it actually did some good.

Oh, I forgot, then you would have to drive back to get it. By the way the guy is leaning on the stop sign, I’m surpised he isnt sitting on the flagger ahead sign.

What is the cone for? Is that to mark the spot where the flagger will go down.

What is the water for? Is that so that no one will have to make an extra trip to wash the whole mess off the road?

Lord what ever task I do, no matter how simple, please help me do it with excellence! Not only to Glorify you, but for my own safety.


  1. Here in Mexico it’s not all that uncommon to see signs like that IMMEDIATELY before the person/thing the sign is cautioning you away from.
    The problem is when it says “turn here” and you already passed the turn. Oops. Great stuff.

  2. Funny! Frightening. But, funny! Wonder what would happen if you were to show up with your hair dryer and motorcycle….
    Lox, Bagels, Capers and Onions for breakfast. Thought of you. :~)
    Joyous Noel to you, Diane and the fam!!

  3. In Thompson Station I once added an F to one of their signs that says UTILITY WORK AHEAD
    so that it read FUTILITY WORK AHEAD. The workers left it up for two days.
    Later to a sign that said END ROAD WORK I attached the word “PLEASE”.

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