Travel Light!

6a00d834958b7053ef0105362bea08970cOnce I went to see a therapist. You know I’m crazy anyway so there’s nothing to hide. I told him that since my last visit I was feeling a little anxious and unable to cope with some of the stuff in my life.

He smiled, he always smiled, leaned back in his chair and said. “Ken people come in here all the time carrying a lunch-box full of responsibilities and worries. With medication or counseling I help them deal with the load they carry and one day they leave happy and contented.

Because they feel so well they go home throw away the lunch-box and buy a suitcase and pack IT with responsibilities and worries and a hectic pace of life. They never leave room for rest, recovery, love, or life.”

I have traded in the steamer trunk I was hauling around for the lunch-box I carried as a kid. And I am finding that I can hear God more clearly. I can see the joy in little things in life. If you are dragging luggage full of worry and anxiety, there is no room for God to bless you. You will be blind to the sun shining on autumn leaves. You will not have the strength to reach out to someone who needs to see the joy in your life. Unpack some stuff today. Then take a deep breath and look around you. You will be amazed at the joy and light and opportunity you will see.


  1. This is a great post Ken.
    Especially in light of the fact that many people are worried and full of anxiety today.
    Thanks so much for your insights!
    Dr. Rus

  2. Ken, I heart your blog sooooooo much. (I particularly loved the Flagger Ahead story, but I’m gonna hafta meet you face-to-face to explain why. Someday, I pray, and soon.) I have an uncharacteristic chest cold right now. I won’t say I definitely know this as fact, but I do suspect God sent the chest cold over the standard head cold to discomfort my throat and prevent me from talking back. You see, He’s been reminding me of some luggage things that I apparently keep forgetting. I gotta tell ya, aside from the whoopin’ I’m enjoying the silence.
    Justa drippin’ in His Blood,

  3. Nice…and so true. After the therapist, I’d need to go see a chiropractor for back injuries related to the weight of the load. How much pain does it take to wake up and finally let go?
    Love your heart, my friend.

  4. Ken, Thanks for sharing! I have been a fan of yours for many years. I have used your “Super Sheep” video for a retreat I lead on sheep. I still laugh every time I listen to SS, and that’s no doo-doo. Enjoy the Nativity. I think I will ask for a lunchbox for Christmas!

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