Winner or Wiener



How long does it take to get a replacement sync cord for your new high tech sprint phone.

Answer: 34 days.

1 day to go to the sprint store, pick a number and watch people pass away until they call your number and tell you they do not carry cords for or support sprint products. TRUE

1 day to order the cord on the internet.

3 days to receive it in the mail, encased in impenetrable military plastic.

2 Days to recover from the lacerations received trying to tear the plastic apart with your bare hands as you screamed unrepeatable things at the manufacture.

1 day to pray for forgiveness.

3 days to order and receive one of those Gonzilla knives that will cut through a bolt,

1 day to heat the plastic enough to get the knife through it.

3 days to wait for another cord to arrive because you cut the first one in two when your knife finally penetrated the package,

2 days to recover from the stab wound you got when the knife finally penetrated the plastic.

17 more days to repeat the entire process because they sent you the wrong cord.

That’s 34 days.

My wiener award goes to
sprint service centers and any company that can’t distinguish between
wrapping something up so securely that people can’t steal it and
wrapping it so securely that people can’t use it. Don’t even think about the banana. You’ll starve before you get it out.


  1. I just went through this recently. Lost my phone in Orlando. Went to the Sprint Store at the Florida Mall and wasted 30 minutes of my life waiting. On a Thursday morning. I left. I ended up purchasing my new phone on eBay for $100 less than I would have paid for it at the Sprint store. I just had to wait 3 days for it.
    To their credit, I like my service (and the price), but anything out of the ordinary with them is a total pain.
    I’ve felt your pain Ken.

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