You gotta love it.

6a00d834958b7053ef010535317c44970b-800wiLakota Industries has just come out with a PINK, camouflage, hunting bow called the “Sara Cuda.”  Click on the picture!

The bow is “a tribute to women like Sara Palin who bear the responsibility of family and work while strengthening the moral fiber of society.”

I love it, if only for the reaction at Peta! I tend to stay out of politics in this blog, but “I gotta tell ya,” I am really tired of the venom aimed at this women.  I think all conservatives should buy one of these and shoot some “tax protected, wooden bale out arrows” of our own……. In a loving Christian way!


  1. As always , you touch my heart with the small things. I love hearing the young praise the Lord in their own small way. How God must love it, too.

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