Purple Reign!


Well, here’s the new look on my Blog. I am intensifying my efforts to use the internet to help with our ministry and business. I wanted to thank the people who are helping me in this endeavor.
Randy Elrod spent several hours helping me make the right connections and teaching me how to do design. I have roped Randy and Spence Smith into another day of tweaking and helping us grow our e-commerce.

My wife voted on the purple. I am not totally comfortable with it. But I want to be comfortable at home, so the purple will stay for the time being.

I really enjoy all of you who come to the blog and visit our website. And when you leave a comment it is like finding a gift under the Christmas tree. Give me your suggestions on the blogsite and we will consider them as we continue to sharpen our site.


  1. Hi Ken,
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now, and I love it! I would suggest moving the long list of links to the right, and moving your posts up to the top or top/middle, so they are the first thing people see. Great work!

  2. Must comment on “The Shack”. I am at a loss for words to describe the way God grabbed ahold of me through the reading of this book. I’ve commented before how your ministry reflects the principles in the book so I am not surprised that you recommended it. This note comes from Sarah Palin’s state…..

  3. I personally would have gone with pink, but if you’re stuggling with the purple as it is, something tells me a sparkling shade of fuscia wouldn’t be appreciated.
    I would say move your blog posts right to the top with your links to the right, rather than having to scroll down to find the postings, as per the suggestion from Wes.

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