1. You have no idea how badly I needed this story today……thanks for taking the time to tell it. I always have faith, just sometimes it is too small……..

  2. My Mom and I had this same lesson of faith after my Dad had died. He had left her so deep in debt on a fixed income that all she could do was hang her head over and over and state, “I just don’t know where the money is going to come from.” Always on my way out the door to work I would throw back the reply, “Don’t worry Mom, God’s got it all taken care of. Ya just gotta have faith!” I had that faith and God showed it to her many times over for the next two years until she was completely out of debt! that was 20 years ago and she learned to have faith, give God the praise, and to tell others what He has done. A former pastor once said it so well when he said, “Doubt your doubts!”

  3. What a beautiful story. It’s the faith we should all have, the faith of a child. Just like “Clarence” in ” A Wonderful Life”.

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