Not Proud to be an American? A guest post by Scott Fowler.

scott preston flagMy son in law, Scott Fowler, posted this message on the fourth of July. Scott is one of the most patriotic people I know. I re-posted it because it seems to me most of the present generation is oblivious to the critical historical role America has played in history and unaware of the unique freedoms and privileges we enjoy today. I was moved by Scott’s post and wanted to share it with you. Let me know what you think. 

I am NOT PROUD to be an American!

That’s what 44 percent of American citizens recently said in a pew poll.

Now…am I proud of everything that happens in America?  No!
Am I proud of some cultural shifts happening in America? No!
Am I proud of some of the legislation passed in America? No!
Am I proud of the way some Americans act? NO!
Am I proud that 44% of Americans are not PROUD to be Americans? No!

But am I personally proud to be an American?  YES!

I don’t want to be anything else. People still flock to America, both legally and illegally because they want what we have. Parents from Central America are presently sending their kids here by the thousands in hopes that they could live in AMERICA!

My kids sleep in a warm, dry, safe bed…in AMERICA!  I can go to a church of my choice…in AMERICA. If I decide I don’t like that church anymore, I can leave and go to a different church…in AMERICA.

I can sing music about Jesus…in AMERICA. I can pursue my dreams and aspirations…in AMERICA! I drink safe water….in AMERICA. I breathe clean air…in AMERICA.

I get to try to freely vote for leaders of my choice…in AMERICA! When I don’t like what those leaders do, I can publicly criticize them…in AMERICA. I can own a gun…in AMERICA. I can get married to who in want….in AMERICA. I can have as many kids as I want…in AMERICA! I can peacefully protest…in AMERICA.

I can eat potato chips and drink soda…in AMERICA. I can be a vegetarian…in AMERICA! I can be friends with people of other races and religions…in AMERICA! I can listen to gospel music….in AMERICA. I can listen to Rock and Roll music…in AMERICA. I can listen to NO MUSIC…in AMERICA. I can drive a little car…in AMERICA. I can drive a big car…in AMERICA.

Perhaps we need to spend more time concentrating on what we DO HAVE instead of what we DO NOT HAVE! Then maybe those 44% would be proud to be an AMERICAN again.

America…the land of the free….the home of the brave.  America…land that I love.  America….God shed His grace on thee.

Happy birthday, America. I’m proud to call you home!

What do you think?
Are you proud to be an American? 
It’s okay to disagree… This is America

Thanks to Scott for sharing this post.



  1. Amen, well said. I am proud to be an American and proud to be a part of the Veteran’s Administration to serve our those who fought for our freedom. As a cardiology nurse practitioner, I like to think that with the gracious help of God; I have been privileged with the task to help mend broken hearts.

  2. Very well done. I can agree with everything he has written. It seems that if you disagree or have a different opinion and you are a Christian you get tagged with a label that you hate certain types of people. Things need to change, views need to change.

  3. It’s funny how those that are not proud don’t realize that only in America can they get all this freedom and bounty. Yes, other countries have bits and pcs of what we have but none have the whole package. And, the majority of people in this world will die in povety and never even have the opportunity to complain freely like we can in America

    1. because what I want is an opportunity to complain freely. It would be nice to actually have “all this freedom” you speak of. We have a lot of freedom, but we don’t have it all. Even in America, freedom is being limited and voices are being silenced.

  4. I am proud to be a Christian … an American? Not so sure about where pride would be appropriate… the drug war, the federal reserve, the NDAA, the TSA, the stop and frisk, the growing police state, entangling alliances with other nations, free speech zones …. the freedoms we have are slowly eroding away and if we are blindly adhering to blind patriotism all the time, we will have nothing left to be proud of.

    1. It’s America that has allowed us to be Free Christians…and only God who hears our prayers for the freedoms to stay. Our job is to pray. I’m proud to be an American! Thanks for the article.

  5. What Being Independently Free means to me.

    As a child growing up in the United States of America, I thought that being independently free meant having the rights to choose things freely without having to pay a price. Unlike people in other countries. Now that I have become an adult, I have learned and realized that being independently free is a wonderful feeling, in way that most people don’t think of or realize until it is too late. Now let me explain.When most people think of freedom and independent, they think of the Liberty bell, the statue of liberty, and our nations constitution. Don’t get me wrong, yes these symbols of freedom are very important to each one of us, and if it wasn’t for these three historic land marks which stand for freedom I wouldn’t be able to freely tell you what Being Independently Free really means to me.

    I feel that being independently free means being able to choose what religion you want to practice and being able to practice your beliefs in your everyday life such as praying, going to church, speaking out about your faith without getting in trouble. When did I first became Free? Before I was born, and the reason, I can say this is because of my faith in Jesus Christ my lord and savior. Jesus freed me by dying at the cross for all of my sins, knowing that I would sin sometime during my life. Then when I was in the 7th grade my Sunday school teacher had the class read the entire bible from cover to cover and at the same time going through conformation classes I let Jesus into my heart and from that day I became independently free. And being an independently free person made me feel whole even though life throws you curves and has its ups and downs, you know that Jesus is always there for you.

    So from now on when people ask me what independently free means to me I can tell them have Faith, Hope and Love in Jesus Christ our lord and savior. And you too can be independently free.

  6. My 90 year old father was one of the liberators of Dachau, a concentration camp near Munich. A
    After visiting Dachau a few days before this fourth of July, I can absolutely assure you that I am both proud and grateful to be an American.

  7. Awesomely put. Though I am an Australian, I am proud that America should be my Mother Land!
    Thanks once again, Ken!

  8. I’m a few days late in seeing this – but, it is AWESOME! They didn’t poll me, either – I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!! Thanks for sharing – we all need that!

  9. Same here…didn’t see it right away, but YES….I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN. My brave husband fought for us over 40 years ago in Vietnam and lived a life fighting cancer and it’s effects from treatments until the day he left AMERICA last September 28, 2013. Thank you, Scott, for stating the truth…for most of Americans (born and raised) forget just what they DO HAVE…but mostly they’ve forgotten the people who have fought for them to have this FREEDOM! God Bless You Scott! And Let Freedom Ring!!!!

  10. I agree. I do not like everything that happens here. I would like us to return to what our forefathers had in mind. But I am very grateful to live in America. I would not want to live anywhere else. I am very proud to be an American.

  11. You said it very well! I am not always proud of what some people in America do, whether they are presidents, legislators, judges, criminals, media elite, or everyday people like me, but I am still proud of my country, and feel very fortunate to live is such freedom and comfort. I am grateful to all who have sacrificed, in both past and present times, to make my good fortune possible. Thank you!

  12. AMERICA… A country built on genocide and slavery. Yeaaaaah, I’m so “proud”

  13. this is hilarious, it sounds like a song. you do know you can switch churches and choose whether or not to listen to music in OTHER countries, right?
    and honestly, the only thing that would be different is not owning a gun, and all of you running around with guns has only led to problems, so it’d be best to NOT own a gun.

  14. I am Welsh but grew up in Australia and lived in America since 65 on and off…I always liked the bumber sticker “AMERICA…LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT” and what a great patriot John Wayne said:
    ” Sure I fly the American flag…do you know a better flag to fly ?…sure I love my country with all it’ s shortcomings…always have…always will !

  15. Just discovered your post, Ken, and loved what Scott had to say about being proud to be an AMERICAN. Me, too!!! Scott and Legacy Five were at our church, First Church of the Nazarene in Lubbock, Texas, night before last. We were blessed down to our socks!!! Hope they got to see the photos I took which I posted on my Facebook by 2:00 AM that night.

    I formerly worked on staff at 90.1 KAMY Family Life Radio here in Lubbock, and we played your “Lighten Up and Life” segments on a regular basis. My husband and I have been to several of your “concerts” here in Lubbock, and I have several of your DVDs and CDs and love your sense of godly humor! Please never stop sharing that joy of Jesus from your heart to ours!

    Beverly Reed
    Lubbock, Texas
    March 14, 2017

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