A Generation of New Talent

gracie and lexiWhat happens when two creative preteen girls meet on vacation and become inseparable friends? They disappear for days, launch a “Youtube cosmetics tutorial” and dream about starting their own company. You gotta see this.
This video clip was produced by my granddaughter Lexi, age 12 and my goddaughter Gracie, age 11, without any help from an adult!

Lexi + Gracie = Lacy Cosmetics.
[youtube id=”b5VLxaPw7EA”] At 11 years old, I caught a frog, dried him off with a towel and took pictures of him with a Polaroid camera. My “frog laundry and amphibian photo studio” never got off the ground. However, these girls may be onto something. For sure, they are having fun.

lexi and Gracie

Lexi and Gracie

Now they are happily taking advice from family and friends on how to improve their production and move their dreams forward. Their enthusiasm, their friendship and their spirit of joy inspire me. I am so proud of them.




What dreams did you have at age 11?
Who was your best friend?”
Want to invest in a frog laundry and amphibian photo studio?
WOW If ur gonna make a scene


  1. Wow! The creativity, confidence and courage to make the video is inspiring. Why do we turn into chickens as we grow older? – Regarding the frog laundry and photo studio, do you charge per the size of the frog? Some of the ones here in Georgia get pretty big

  2. Awesome, Ken! The girls are quite the entrepreneurs. It’ll be fun to see where this goes–keep us posted. If nothing else, they are developing a special relationship.

  3. The Lexi + Gracie = Lacy Cosmetics video is no longer available… can it be reposted

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