Are You Having A Contraction?

It’s Lighten Up monday

I have a friend that wrote “Good Grief” an inspiring story of how she navigated the stormy waters of illness and tragic loss. She also wrote about the thoughtless things people say to friends in pain.

I should have read her book before speaking to my wife in the delivery room!   [youtube id=”ajPhBEVsfDg”]

Duh!  Think first Ken, then speak!
This clip taken from Ken’s DVD “Is It Just Me.” For more details or to purchase, click here.


  1. My (ex) husband (not a surprise now when you hear HIS comment, had a sinus infection the day I went into labor. My contractions started out slow enough but then built quickly and I could barely catch my breath before the next one was coming. My ex was resting in a recliner complaining about his head cold across the room but kept having to get up (especially when the nurse glared at him) and down from his recliner at each contraction. Finally, exasperated, he snapped, “Can’t you give me a little warning so I don’t have to just get comfortable and then get up again?” All action in the labor room actually came to a stop and the nurse propelled him out of the room. I never heard exactly what she said to him but when he returned later, he was rather contrite.
    So yes, be careful what you say to a woman in labor…or at least a nurse in the labor room

    1. Pat, I will take your advice. though I doubt we will visit there again.

  2. Although I never actually said it, it occurred to me very
    early during my wife’s labour of our first child that blokes should not say, “I know how you feel”.

    However, having said that, I have witnessed the birth of five children and I must confess I am a little jealous of women, if my plumbing was the same as a woman’s I’m sure I would have been very happy to do ‘give it a go’. And yes while I live with chronic pain I am well aware it’s nothing like giving birth. BUT knowing God Himself knitted that little life together.. inside you..…. How awesome is that.

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