Seven Secrets to Sleeping like a Baby

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  1. I’ve discovered if I have problems that haven’t been addressed (finances, kids, etc), I will toss and turn thinking about them. My heart knows if I do number 4 and ask God to take the issue away until morning and give me a fresh start, it will happen. Problem is, my brain doesn’t follow through. I tend to not sleep well either right now. Looking forward to more ideas.

    1. Author

      My biggest problem is getting my brain to stop churning. We’ll see what people say. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Were you seriously up all night working on this? I find that to be Ironic. However you always have good thought provoking material.

    1. Author

      I actually scheduled it to be released this morning. I was done with it early last evening.

  3. I keep a notebook and pen by my bed and jot down any concerns that my mind insists on dwelling on. That way I know if it is something I want to remember I will have a note of it. I will admit that at times it is hard to read those notes made in the dark so a small flashlight might come in handy also. Once you have written it down it easier to fall asleep. Hope this helps!

  4. Since childhood I have never slept well. Never. Sometimes I have a lot of nightmares. A few more since your post about our earliest memories. My earliest 3 have left me scarred. I’ll post them for you eventually.

    The past haunts me, and if that weren’t enough, now the future haunts me too. I’m about to graduate from college this spring and at 46 years old I’m concerned about finding a job. I know that as a Christian I have no business worrying about anything. My heart BOOMS that message constantly. Trouble is Satan is very good at his job. That’s why you never see it on

    1. Yeah, I realize I didn’t leave any helpful hints to try. That’s because I don’t really have any. But there is one that has proven fruitful from time to time, just not with any real documented success.

      Since the thoughts that keep me awake occur without me ever moving my lips, I make myself silently recite The Lord’s Prayer all the way through until I can do it without any negative thoughts interrupting it. Never made it to the end once yet. But have fallen asleep trying! (:o>)

      1. Author

        TERRY!!!! So good to hear from you. I have missed your tweets and comments. You were one of the first people to respond to my feeble attempts at twitter. I am still waiting for that promised moment when you walk up at a show and say….
        “Hi, I’m Terry” Don’t be such a stranger. I have tried the Lord’s Prayer thing… sometimes it’s 3am and I’m still reciting. “Our heaven which aren’t in Farther, Hello be thy…. You get the picture.

    2. Hey, Terry –

      I totally understand where you are coming from. I can totally relate. Just wondering, have you ever tried spiritual counseling? I’m not talking about a Christian counselor.
      I’ve gone to a place here associated with “exchanged life ministry” (”) or try googling them. I have been helped tremendously through them.
      God bless you, Terry, and I hope you find what your soul is looking for.

  5. #7 Be sure to keep the light out side the house on, but keep the bedroom dark. When you wake up in the middle of the night get up for a short couple of minutes, then get a different pillow & lay back in the same going to bed – sleep position where you start every night. And if this doesn’t work then start praying for the people who reply to your posts.

    1. Author

      Thanks Bob,

      I do know the darkness thing makes a difference AND believe it or not, I often pray for the people who respond to my posts. Thank you for your comment.

  6. I have the same problem and I find listen to the radio (Christain music) very low and focusing on it helps me. My husband did not like this method and I got out my old “Walkman” and use it. Problem is I go to sleep and wake up with earphones on. — May God bless you with good sleep.

    1. Author


      Walkman! Now there is a word I haven’t heard in a long time. I think I might be able to get pretty tired looking for a walkman in our house. You still have yours… and it works! Amazing!

  7. I have a sleep disorder called Alpha Wave Intrusion… basically my body sleeps but my brain keeps waking up, making me feel as though I hardly slept and in turn resulting in narcoleptic-like behavior during the day. I’ve heard some people with Alpha Wave Intrusion remember waking up a lot during the night (about every 15-20 minutes is the frequency) but most of the time I only remember 1-2 times, if any. I am on a medication called Trazadone (prescribed) that I take before bed. I have found it helps most of the time, though not every night. As a busy mom of 4, wife, nurse, and college student I find I have a lot on my mind that can make sleep difficult. Prayer certainly helps, ask God expectantly with faith to provide you with a good nights sleep or to either resolve or reveal that which is keeping you from sleeping. I will pray for you as well. God bless you and your amazing talent for humor, Ken!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your comment Wendy,
      I often tell my wife I haven’t slept at all only to be informed that I snored all night long. May MY brain and body are going separate ways at night too? Have to get that checked out. My problem isn’t debilitating, but I would love to wake up refreshed more often.

  8. Ken, I haven’t had any trouble since I got an iPod and small, comfortable ear buds that stay in my ears. (Perfectly good ones are available for under $20.) Listening to old radio show broadcasts clears my mind of everything else and helps me drift right off. If that fails, I have a couple of relaxation tracks that never fail. Listening to sermons doesn’t work–I keep thinking of quotes from it to add to our website, how I would preach it better… 🙂

    1. Author


      Laughed out loud at why listening to sermons doesn’t work. You and I are cut from the same cloth. Might try the iPod idea. Thanks.

  9. praise music…dark room…no exercising late… no food late…
    and a little tip from a missionary friend in the Philippines:

    When the brain starts in with all the things that could be done,
    He learned to tell himself “There is nothing more that can be done TODAY. Everything else will wait till tomorrow.”

    I also found that at times, telling myself, “I am going to sleep now, I will rest well and wake up refreshed at (set your own time).” It has helped me when i needed it. It is sort of like giving yourself permission to sleep.

    1. Author


      I wish I could talk myself into stuff like you can. I just end up arguing with myself. I like the idea of “There’s nothing else I can do today” Thanks for the comment

  10. Are you sure you haven’t started any new medications? Acid-reducers have given me insomnia in the past… things like Prilosec, etc. It is a very uncommon side effect, but it does happen.

    Also – avoid bright lights for 1/2 before bed – just use a night light in the bathroom. Light turns off melatonin, which the body produces to induce sleep.

    1. Author

      Caffeine and some meds wire me like a cat in a pit bull kennel. So I avoid all that. Hadn’t thought about the lights. Thanks

  11. Hey Ken, You came to our church in Greenford,Ohio last Fall and I enjoyed every second of your visit! Anyway to answer your question, I am in my 40’s and never in my life slept more than an hour or two intervals and it always took me several hours to fall asleep with all the thoughts running through my mind. Last year someone suggested Melatonin, a herbal remedy that can be purchased in any health food or drug store. I had already tried prescription products with no success so I was skeptical. I did some reading and decided to try this in recommended very low dosage (only use 1 to 1.5mg) and it worked like a charm. I fall asleep in 15 minutes and usually sleep the night through. This has been a God send for me!
    God Bless

  12. Wish I could help you Ken, but I haven’t had a full night sleep since 1989.I worked in television and was part of the morning crew that went on air at 5am. Haven’t slept well since. I am an expert at naps. Our 3 cats have trained me well. Jerry

  13. Hi Ken,
    I would suggest contacting a sleep clinic and finding the source of not sleeping. It could be things like sleep apnea that keep you waking up.
    Grandma 3

    1. Author

      Tried this years ago, they suggested I give them 3,000 dollars and they would figure it out. That kept me awake for the next year. I have done much better since losing weight and still have a hard time parting with that much money.

  14. Don’t know if I ever mentioned it to you on Twitter (I’m @TheImpishOne), but I’m disabled. 2 things I do – totally unrelated to each other but it works. 1 I wear an eyemask blocking out all light. 2 if Im having a really bad night I pray (at times more than once) God, help me sleep, in Jesus name. and that works

    1. Author


      I might try that eyemask thing. I do know that earplugs help me alot. I know it sounds like I am not very spiritual but praying to go to sleep has not helped me.

  15. Hi Ken, You couldn’t have sent your blog in better timing for me. I’m wondering the same thing. For 39 years I slept like a baby, then I turned 40, and no longer!
    I wonder if using a treadmill or taking a walk outdoors in the evening would help? I don’t have a treadmill and it’s below zero here right now, so I haven’t tried those, but I would like to!

    1. Author

      Elaine, I do not recommend walking outside in below zero weather, but you might find a YMCA or a gym that has a treadmill. They are great for walking and running inside. I highly recommend you get some kind of exercise every day. That is ONE of the reasons I am having trouble now. It is cold outside and harder for me to exercise. I will be doing it in a Gym tomorrow. Thanks for your comment.

  16. I’m struggling with this too. I’ve discovered that my adrenals (above the kidneys) are kicking out energy at the wrong time (At night instead of morning). This is from long term, high level stress. In other words, I pushed myself too hard for too long. I saw a CNP that did saliva testing that is more sensitive than blood tests and can detect problems early before they become full blown disease. I’m slowly improving. Best wishes to you… I know how frustrating sleeplessness can be. I hope you find solutions quickly.

    1. Author

      Carmen, Thank you for your concern. I hope you realize I am not dying from this. I just would like to be able to sleep better. The comments are helpful

  17. Hi Ken . . . sorry I can’t help you with the sleep thing but if you ever get the hiccups, a teaspoon of limon juice will put your hiccups right to sleep. I guess if the hiccups were keeping you awake you would be looking for a cure for them.

    Seriously, I have had problems sleeping. Some due to “restless leg, but not all.” My doctor gave me clonazepam. I take it about 2-3 times a week and sleep really well.

    You and I have a mutual friend (RW at TPC). I love that guy with all my heart. I was with him 23 years.

    1. Author

      Just had lunch with your friend today. I do not have restless leg, but starting to wonder if I have restless body!!!! If this gets serious I may talk to a doctor about it.

  18. Jeff and I can totally relate to this — there are times where I’ve just given up on the sleep thing, gotten up and wrote out every what if scenerio I could conjure up until I would laugh myself stupid. But that is not an every day solution. I liked the post from the gal whose body fell asleep but her brain didn’t. That one makes sense to me. We have a fan that we keep on low for white noise and Jeff recently purchased a water pillow for his neck and discovered that it keeps him from tossing and turning and he does fall asleep more quickly. He’ll also spend 15 minutes in the hot tub when he’s really stressed out and that helps as well. Good luck, I hope you find some answers, and some real sleep.

  19. Ken, I’m just like you. Can’t sleep for beans. It’s always been this way for me, but I can tell you some things I do to keep my mind off of it.

    1. I do crossword puzzles before I go to sleep just to try to run my mind out – not worrying whether I finish or fill the whole thing.

    2. I count to a hundred … as many times as it takes. It helps keep my mind off other things as well.

    3. I turn the tv on and watch some half hour sit-coms. Sometimes that does the trick.

    Honestly, if that doesn’t work I’m just awake. It is what it is. I pray. Sometimes I get up and get on the computer. There are any number of distractions to while away the time. And I remember that “this too shall pass.” I will sleep … eventually.

    Oh, and have you tried having a sleep study done? Maybe they can help.

  20. My daughter is a sleep doctor at Cleveland Clinic. Her advice to me, as I have the same problem is: avoid caffiene all together or at least after 2PM; no exercise or workouts 3-4 hrs before bed; no tv or computer/electronic media 1 hr before bed; no reading in bed but ok to read something boring just before bed,in dim or subdued lighting; write thoughts or to-do list in a journal or on a piece of paper, close journal or fold paper as a symbolic way of addressing those thoughts and putting them to rest; no alcohol before bedtime; keep room cool to avoid waking up too warm as our core body tempature drops at night; NO NAPS DURING THE DAY; try to allow 7-8 hrs of sleep a night and keep regular sleep hours; if unable to fall asleep after 15 min in bed, get up and try reading boring stuff again until sleepy!

    I am sure there are more tips but that is all my sleep deprived brain will allow me to remember. Hope they help.

      1. I just remembered another sleep tip. When my daughter, the afore mentioned doctor, was a little girl she had trouble getting to sleep and a Christian psychologist told her to not “try” to go to sleep. Sleep is passive and “trying” to sleep is active. Instead, try to stay awake. In lying there trying to stay awake, you get sleepy and fall asleep! He also asked her why it bothered her to not be able to sleep. She told him it was because she was afraid if she didn’t sleep she wouldn’t get an A on the next day’s test she was worried about. He said, so when this happens, what kind of grade do you get when you can’t sleep and she replied, an A! He then told her to try and get a C and see that it doesn’t “hurt” to get C’s. She laughed at him. She was in the 3rd grade at that time! No wonder she chose to specialize in neurology and sleep medicine.

  21. OK Ken…
    The Butterfly doesn’t work… the wings tickle on the way down.
    Ambien only works if you have really good muscle relaxers that go along with it. You WILL sleep… but you will also get reports of strange things that you attempt while “sleeping”. Once tried to back a suitcase for Larry. The only thing I packed in it was underwear. Lots and lots of underwear. This was not long after his second surgery and I’d forgotten to pack him any clean underwear for that hospital trip…. I think my mind was still in full gear even though I was “sleeping”. After he told me to stop packing the underwear and come back to bed I spent the rest of the night sleeping peacefully, standing up at the end of the bed… bent over with my face resting on the Sleep Number mattress. My number is 35. I think it’s the age I’m still clinging to.

    The other morning Noah complained about being cold. I looked at him and he had on one of Larry’s old sleeveless t-shirts… in the dead of Michigan winter! I told him to put some real clothes on for Pete’s sake! He said, “but mom, you’re the one who told me to put this on last night when I was too hot!” Wha???? I would have had to crawl to the back of the dungeon (the unlit closet under the staircase) to get to that shirt…. Fortunately I don’t have nights like that very often…. at least not that I remember…. Hmmmmmmm……

    1. Author

      LOL! Fortunately I don’t have that problem with Ambien. Some nights all I have to do is lick one!

  22. A good healthy dose of sex puts me to sleep every time, morning, noon,or night, it doesn’t matter when.

    1. Author

      LOL! Research proves you are right. That still leaves a lot of sleepless nights for all but a lucky few of us. Thanks Stephen

      1. Well I guess it’s like I say, If you haven’t already got one, you gotta go out and find yourself a good Christian woman, (if you are a bloke),with a whole lot of loven’ to do, and then set about keeping her happy.
        God bless you Ken, you are a very funny feller, you make my sides hurt.

  23. I find that when I am unable to sleep it is sometimes due to something I have left undone that the Lord impressed on me to do. So, I meet with the Lord while lying in bed and ask Him to come and give me the heads up.

    Usually the Lord shows me one thing. I pray about it and then He gives me peace in knowing how he will help me get it done. I meet with the Lord each night and ask Him to tell me of someone who is on His heart needs prayer. He will give me a name or an impression or a face or a situation and ask me to pray one thing for that person. Sometimes he gives me more than one. I then am relaxed knowing I am in His perfect will at that time. I say aloud the scripture, “I will lie down and sleep in peace for you alone oh Lord are with me.” Then I plead the blood of Jesus on the door of my mind and thank Him that I will be resting in His presence while I sleep.

    When I was under a lot of stress after a trauma in my life (my eldest son’s suicide) I was tempted to take sleeping pills. Instead, I found out that L-tryptophan found in turkey and seaweed supplements helped increase my dopamine levels and I was able to sleep.

    I also learned that sleeping with a blue light 25 watt in the bedside table helps induce the deeper REM Sleep pattern. I have had a broken sleep center for many years since I have had 6 children (all breast fed)so I learned to retrain my body to rest early in the evening. I also learned that sports at night is a definite sleep inhibitor so no exercise after dinner. Routine is essential. Our bodies are used to routines but me must give our body a winding down relaxing routine at the end of the day to prepare it for sleep. Most importantly do not get in a discussion that could lead to an arguement or stress-related activity such as watching a violent film.

    Reading the bible and staying in the Word listening to worship music is the best way to achieve peace of mind prosper your soul and body.

    Our body is meant to be Holy Spirit driven. If our spirit man is restless it could be because we may have unfinished business with the Lord or anxiety because our heart condemns us about something we know is grieving His Holy Spirit. I meet with the Lord and repent of the known sins of that day.

    Just as David prayed, “I will not allow sleep to touch my eyes until I have met with the Lord and allowed Him to search my heart and reveal any hidden sin.”

    Sometimes lack of sleep is due to our allowing the devil to speak a litany of condemnation against us and we are taking it on board causing us unease and unrest.

    When I can’t sleep I check my thought patterns and listen to myself a while then I can usually pinpoint the problem and go before the Lord and ask for forgiveness, guidance or in some cases deliverance.

    The most effective way I have ever found is asking the Lord to bring me into His Presence and then I plead the Blood of Jesus over my whole being. This was even effective in helping me to sleep after my son’s suicide.

    The Lord first Identified Himself as Jehovah Raphe to Moses…”I am the Lord your healer” I find great comfort in knowing that when I dwell near Him my spirit is at rest and there is peace in His presence where He can do circumcision on my spirit and heal me of any waywardness.

    He reassures me that He is watching over me and as the Master of the Universe is ordering my chaos. As my spirit rests while sleeping in His presence he will impart wisdom to me to show me how to cope and give me answers to my problems.

    Jesus prayed, “Father, I desire that they also whom You have entrusted to Me [as Your gift to Me] may be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory, which You have given Me {Your love gift to Me}; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.” John 17:24

    Therefore, we must intentionally avail ourselves of this higher place of sanctuary for our souls. This is the secret to a peaceful and prosperous,blessed life. Dwelling daily in His Presence on purpose and through the night watches.

    To understand more clearly why and how this works listen to Billye Brim’s teaching tapes on “The Power of the Blood” or read the book if that helps put you to sleep faster.

    Remember, what the apostle Paul said he had come to believe that “Nothing can separate us from God’s love, not height nor depth, nor angels nor principalities, nor powers or dominions or anything else…” NIV BIBLE VERSE PARAPHRASED

    So pray for the Lord to help you enter His Rest…His great desire and passion is to fellowship with us and He allowed His son to die
    on the cross just so He could make that possible…we have access to the throne room of our Heavenly Father because of His Son’s blood shed on the mercy seat. Our Father desires Our Presence near Him and is lonely for us. So, seek to enter into rest in His Presence where there is fullness of joy and peace. He is ever-waiting and desiring to be near His creations, His treasured possessions.


  24. Dear Ken:

    I have a similar problem and what I do is fantasize. I may be a super hero or super rich or some other fantasy. The point is that it takes my mind off of whatever is on it and while I am putting together my fantasy, I fall asleep. It doesn’t always work but it does much of the time. Try it.

    1. Author

      Never tried that but spent a lot of night trying to figure out how to be a rich super hero. “Here I come to save the day!”

  25. My daughter says listen to nature sounds (as long as it’s not the ocean), it really helps alot.

  26. Hi Ken, I know what you are talking about. I have a creative mind like yours. There are times I can fall asleep anywhere. But then there are times when I am working on a project or planning an event where I just lay there and go over every detail like I was God or something. During these times I’ll go to the fridge and get a small glass of wine to sip on. The bible does mention that this is ok. When I finish that and lay back into bed, its back into the brain planning again. Well sometimes it works, and I go to sleep, but most times I have to just pray. I imagine that God is right there in my room. I imagine taking all those details I’m concerned about, place them in my hands and pass them through the veil to Him. Lord you know how to handle them more than me!!I then ask Him for his calming Peace and to Bless me with His restful sleep. I know this works because I wake up refreshed the next morning and Thank Him for a good nights sleep. Try It, God is Faithful!! With Love from Above!! Barry

    1. Author

      Barry, thank you for a very thoughtful response. I will try your idea. Great wisdom in your advise. I am not God (I keep forgetting that) but he is here. (I sometimes forget that as well. Thanks

  27. I have the same problem! But I found a way to make #3 work. I have a pillow with a speaker in it. I load books on my audible player. The sound against my ear is soft enough to distract my mind and I fall asleep. Two of my favorite books are by a guy named Ken Davis. “I’m Not Okay & Is it Just Me” and “Lighten Up” I almost have these routines memorized!!

  28. I have chronic pain and have a hard time sleeping. I use music and imagery to transport myself to a mountain stream and the like. After seeing you in MN this past week. I’ve laughed myself to sleep. If you say someone reading to you works, maybe you should invest in books on tape then no one has to stay awake to read.

  29. I use 2 natural products and it works like a charm. St John’s Wort (Don’t take if you are on anti-depressants) I up the dosage when I’m studying for exams and doing 15 assignments in 1 week!!
    The next one I use is 2 x Valerian (Valerian root) – it slows the mind down, stops vivid and active dreaming (which leaves me exhausted) and promotes a restful sleep. God made these lovely little sleeping pills – give em a go. The best thing about these – there are no side effects in the morning – no grogginess or anything – AND they are not addictive as medical sleeping pills are. 🙂

  30. I wish I had some suggestions that would work all of the time. I do know some people that do pray when they can’t get to sleep and soon they are asleep. Melatonin helped me some, I probably need to take more than the bottle suggests, but I am chicken. I hope you find something that works and I will pray for you.

  31. hi Ken

    I find a really hot bath 20 minutes before bed can help a lot. Also, I try not to eat or drink a lot anytime close to bed time (a cup of tea is fine though). Usually I’m awake because I’m worrying too much about something, but sometimes I think (and I really only mean “I think”) that God sometimes wants us awake to pray about something specific. However, if its happening most nights, well, maybe God’s sense of humour *is* as twisted as mine….

    1. Author

      Facinating! I had someone in my small group suggest an ice bath!!!! I like your idea better.

  32. Ken,
    My wife and I both have the same prolem as you. It’s easy to turn your body off but hard to turn your brain off. So each night, when it’s time for bed, we put in a DVD from our “Bananas” DVD collection, yours is one of our favorites, and set the sleep timers on the TV and DVD player. Listening to something so familiar that you don’t have to watch it helps.

  33. Hahaha! This made me laugh so hard. The biggest thing I have found that puts me to sleep better is turning off all electronics about an hour before bedtime. “They” say the lights on TV, computer, phones, etc, are like sunlight in the eyes of our bodies, but /shrug … That works for me.

    I don’t suggest warm milk… I tried that once, and you’re right, by the time it was warm, I wasn’t tired, and warm milk just doesn’t taste good anymore.

    I hope you get some sleep. 🙂

      1. Yuck! Try warm milk sweetened with honey. It’s as yummy as hot chocolate but without the caffeine. My youngest son has used that remedy with success.

  34. well lots of good ideas already it seems… dark room definately helps, fan on so i can’t hear the hubby breathing (yes I am that light a sleeper!), sometimes music to soothe the mind and take it off all ‘those thoughts’, when the mind is really working overtime have to practice self control and tell every new thought that pops up ‘no’ until my mind is less busy. sometimes I find soothing essential oils helpful too…. but if all else fails (I read this somewhere and have found it helpful) don’t lay there in bed feeling frustrated by a lack of sleep – get up and do something until the eyelids begin to droop and then try heading back to bed again.

    may you be blessed with many a good nights sleep!

  35. Dear Ken,

    I too am having trouble sleeping. I lie away each night worrying about my squirrels. I have a terrible neighbor that takes great pleasure in, well….killing them. I know, it’s horrible. And if that’s not enough, he also sneaks over at night and swims in my pool in his adult diapers. Seems he has insomnia and he thinks a nice dip will help. The next day the mess and debris in the pool is horrible, then we have to clean up his exploded diaper as well.

    We are putting our house on the market in an attempt to escape him. I like his wife, but as much as I’ve tried to convince her, she won’t leave him. (gold digger)

    I’ve always heard it’s people who carry a lot of sin that can’t sleep at night, but not in my case. It’s just my neighbor.

    Help if you can!

    Sleepless on Waddell Hollow

  36. Ken,

    Definitely can’t help you with this! I HATE to sleep! I have never, ever liked to sleep, even when I was a kid. I would stay up and read, because it wouldn’t disturb anyone. So now, at 54 I still don’t sleep but maybe 4 hours a night, and most nights I don’t sleep at all. I just play on the computer or read. That’s why I collect books,because it doesn’t take me long to finish one.

  37. I used to have this problem.
    I started walking on the treadmill. I stay on for one hour at the speed I can do as a middle ager, distracting myself from the effort required with a decent movie dvd . This seems to help me sleep and has also made me more flexible.
    I am trying to move my speed up by small increments so I can get a little respect from my kids for this someday when I hit a good number!!! Right now I am a bit of a laughingstock to them, but I am a laughingstock who can sleep at night too!!
    ( They don’t like my snoring either….)
    So…..if you have a treadmill you are welcome to join the ranks of middle aged snoring former non-sleepers who are now sleeping…. Good luck!

  38. Ken~
    I read your post and it was as if you were posting about me. No matter how many times I try to convince my brain to shhh go to sleep..all of a sudden I find myself thinking about what my kids will wear for school pictures…THE NEXT YEAR! etc.. etc.. ahh!
    2 Things I find very helpful (not the warm never works and it tastes bad.)
    I find praying for my family and friends help, although sometimes my mind slips from prayer and starts planning again. So I grab my ipod start an audio book (nothing scary or to exciting) And within 15 minutes I’m asleep. Not sure why this works so well…but I’m very thankful it does! Hope you find something that works for you, being bodily exhausted but not being able to sleep is awful.

  39. Just found a note, I’m guessing from the NBC morning show, or it could have been from the newspaper.

    *muffin with honey
    *angel food & berries
    *pasta with marinara sauce
    *baked potato & salsa
    *crackers & fruit
    *mandarin oranges

    That’s all my note says, so not sure why. I can’t say if it works, as I haven’t tried it for myself, but sounds easy.

  40. You might try one of those acme-sized hammers.. seems to work in every cartoon or Three Stooges.

  41. Ken,

    My advice is to fight going to sleep. Just stay awake, and make your body defy you by going to sleep anyway. When I was a senior at Liberty U., I was an R.A., had a job at the local mall, played intra-mural sports, dated, hung out with friends, and had a full course load. I managed to doze off between 2am and 6am most days. That sleeping pattern stuck, as I now have a full time job and coach high school sports, which occupies more of my time than my regular job does. So, I am just always up and moving and doing stuff, to the point that often, when I sit down, if it’s after a certain time of night, I might just pass out. But if you’re looking for a quick hitter, try working out after 9pm. 45 minutes to an hour of cardio, a quick shower and a quick-small meal, and your body should be ready to shut down for a bit of rest. Can’t help with the bladder thing.

    Romans 8

  42. Hi Ken,

    RE: falling asleep… Years ago I had the same problem with getting to sleep. I’m married, pastor a church, have various business interests and travel overseas quite a bit so I’m busy and have a lot on my mind. One night I’m laying in bed, wide awake at midnight, and the Lord speaks to my heart… “Why are you trying to live like you’re immortal?” Then He said, “I’m going to be up all night working on your day tomorrow so there’s no need for both of us to be up. You need to sleep so get some rest and I’ll see you in the morning.” It was so logical, and Biblical to boot, and I’ve slept like a rock ever since.

    Take care.

  43. Just finished reading most of the comments and have probably tried just about every one of them more than once. Do get up in the middle of the night and drink warm night a lot of times. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. My problem isn’t getting to sleep, it’s staying asleep. Have tried most of the natural remedies and a lot of them make me have very weird dreams, usually several a night, if and when I do get back to sleep. My doctor recommended taking Ambien once a week to kind of catch up, like on Friday or Sat. night. But I don’t want to get dependent on something so I refuse to take it every night. Have always tried praying, sometimes reading; it doesn’t always work for me either. They say you shouldn’t really get up and turn on lights and do things because it breaks up the natural pattern of when you should be asleep. I would have to have a light on to journal, so I don’t do that either. I read short devotionals before bed and pray with my husband who always prays for me to be able to sleep. Some nights are better than others, but since I have a medical condition that wakes me up every 2-3 hours I rarely ever feel really rested. Will be interested if you find something else that really works. Love your blog.

  44. Ken, I attended The Summit in 2009. I’ve enjoyed receiving “The Punch Line”, and your heartfelt stories and humor.
    As for a good night’s sleep, Melatonin has helped me. I read that the human body produces Melatonin, which helps us to sleep. As we age (not that this applies to you and I!), we produce less of it, and sleep can become more difficult. I use it when I can’t sleep, and after a few days of use, I can go off of it for a long period of time, almost as if it ‘resets’ my sleep cycle. My doctor is happy that I’m using this instead of a chemical sleep aid because it simply replaces what my body produces naturally. If you try it, use the synthetic version because the ‘natural’ version is produced using swine, and may cause problems for humans. I hope this helps.

  45. I have heard that deficiency in Magnesium can cause sleep disorders. See a good Naturopath MD.

  46. My wife used to have loads of trouble with sleep. She would wear earplugs and a mask, black out her windows and still complain that she couldn’t fall asleep in less than a couple hours on a good night. She doesn’t complain nearly as much, and though our curtains are dark, they don’t block out all the light. She also no longer wears the mask or the earplugs. The trick? We got a fan that we keep running all night. It’s one of those small variety that make a nice comforting hum. It’s not to keep us cool, but to drown out everything else. I find that for me it works great, if I can’t sleep, I focus in on the noise and it’s like being mesmerized until your brain turns off! I like that a whole lot better than music or TVs etc. Constant noise is much better than anything that varies.

    That and I have made a habit of saying “goodnight!” to God :0)

  47. My daughter suffered from this problem and we solved it using Melatonin. It’s a natural substance in the body that some people have a deficiency in. Apparently it helps you ‘shut down’ your brain for the night and wake up again in the morning…provided of course that you have sufficient supplies in your body. I don’t know about the USA, but here in Australia we had to get a doctor’s prescription for Melatonin in liquid form and go to a compounding chemist to have it made up. It’s pretty potent!
    As a natural remedy, I was sceptical until I accidently got some of it on my finger and licked it off…5 minutes later I was yawning so much I nearly swallowed myself!
    Don’t remember a thing after that, which I guess means it worked! My daughter used it for a couple of months and now she sleeps fine without it.
    Personally I have tried mentally reciting my favourite hymns and found myself rewording them like you, then I laugh at myself and don’t feel sleepy anymore! Hope this helps. God Bless 🙂

  48. My dad sent me this article because I have struggled with insomnia for 7 years (and I am only 25!). I have tried diet changes, behavior changes, supplement changes, sleep specialists, naturopath doctors, everything! But the one thing that works for me is the one thing that you already mentioned: Ambien. Ambien CR to be specific. I’ve prayed about it and feel like the Lord gave us doctors for a reason (do you know that painting of Jesus guiding the doctor at his desk?) Anyway, even if I have to take one every night…it is worth my sanity and peace of mind. I have been on it for 6 years and have not had a single side effect, it was even okay during pregnancy (not that you’ll have that issue). Praying for you because I can sympathize!

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