Seven Secrets to Sleeping like a Baby

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  1. Hey Ken, most people already know that getting a good night’s sleep requires exercise… plain and simple! Duh!!!

    1. I do the exercise and still sometimes lay awake. Hour a day six days a week. The sleeplessness comes in cycles. So I am waiting for this to pass.

  2. Ken,

    I only have a prescription med solution that has worked for me, when nothing else would. I keep this very low dose med (prescribed by my internist M.D.) beside my bed, and when my mind is racing (as you describe) and thus keeps me wide awake, I take one of those little “buggers” and do fall asleep every single time to sleep peacefully the rest of the night. Have been doing that for about a year. Really hope that you get some resolution of this nagging problem! God’s blessings always. . . .

    1. Sometimes all I have to do is lick an ambien and it puts me to sleep. I do hate relying on drugs. But I can be persuaded.

  3. I have started taking melatonin and it helps me at least relax to get to sleep. I still wake up quite a bit, but I am groggy enough to go back to sleep when I do…..

    Happy sleeping, Ken!

    1. I forgot to tell you….Usana Pure Rest is what I use. It is a melatonin supplement.

  4. Hi, Ken,
    I’m sorry you don’t sleep well. I have some thoughts: Travel always upsets my body time clock. Perhaps you could set your schedule up so you stay in the same time zone for a week? But, if you’re home every weekend…. Another thought: Have you ever been evaluated for Bipolar Disorder? I’m serious!
    Do you ever find yourself so depressed you can barely move or think, but you have to because of your speaking commitments? It’s called “functional depression”, and lots of folks walk around with it. That can disrupt your sleep.
    Mania can, too. There are certain times of the year when I get very manic, although my manias aren’t way, way out there like my father’s were — I have type II and he had type I. Anyway, it’s very difficult for me to get, at least, 6 hours each night at those times.
    I quit caffeine during those times (I’m off it for good now — late-stage, chronic Lyme that I’ve had 24 years + massive doses of antibiotics = yeast infections, so my diet is extremely limited right now. Another story for another time.).
    I only use the computer during the day — nothing at night when I have mania. I try to relax and spend quiet time with my husband, my dog, my youngest daughter…. I must avoid any stimulation during the evenings then. I’m a “people person,” so not interacting with people at night also helps me sleep better when I’m manic, but it’s so hard!
    I use reading, as well, to help me go to sleep. I also take a handful of psyche meds, which all help me go to sleep :-). I’ll still awaken in the middle of the night when I’m in a manic episode, and I won’t be able to go back to sleep, I either start praying (very effective). I also listen to relaxing music (no words), or I turn my reading light back on and begin to read. Otherwise, my mind is racing around in my head like a quarter horse.
    Those are my thoughts. My first inclination would to be evaluated by a good paychiatrist.
    Hey, I wasn’t diagnosed till I was 41, after I’d done a huge amount of damage, verbally, to my kids. I know you don’t do that, though. But it sure sounds like it’s either related to your crazy speaking schedule and/or Bipolsr mania. Go to to learn more about Bipolar Disorder.

    1. Sheri, Lots of great suggestions. I have been tested and I am not bipolar. However I am ADHD off the charts. Hard to stop thinking and even harder to remember what I was thinking about.

      1. Ken this is great! At least you have a positive outlook on things. You are so blessed with a good sense of humor! God has definately allowed you to use your talents well! You have lots of material to choose from. God Bless you!! Not getting the sleep you need is not a laughing matter for you I am sure. Nonetheless, you make me laugh.

  5. When I had some problems with my mind racing interrupting what I was suppose to be doing I did a little bible reading. What I found out was that I’m suppose to turn everything over to God in faith letting Him do the worrying and thinking. It has taken a while and still is but I’m finding that He is much more qualified than me to handle it. It is a tall order but once mastered it is a great to go through life.
    If that doesn’t work then I turn the tv on to watch something I really want to see – I fall asleep almost immediately missing the whole story.

    1. Diane, When I read the Bible at night I start thinking of messages I can give on that verse. Then I start thinking of illustrations. Then I look at the clock and it is morning.(-: Thank you for your comment.

  6. Listening to Joyce Meyer this morning…her topic “wisdom”. If we live within the boundaries God has for us then He will expand our boundaries. If we apply this to sleep- then to me it means being disciplined in regard to sleep. If you get up early- go to bed at a decent time and stick to it. Our problems in this country with sleep have to do with sleep deprivation and pushing ourselves to the exremes. Then we wonder why we can’t sleep. When my babies were born, I got them on regular sleep patterns by sticking to some very regimented habits. People wondered why I insisted on having them take their naps at the same time every day and follow bedtime routines and stick to the same bedtime. But for me it has had tremendous payoffs- even now (my kids are now 15 and 11. They have always been good sleepers. I have not had to fight with them to go to bed, or with them about sleeping in their own beds- when they were little. It has helped them in all areas of their lives- relationally and at school. The obedience and discipline paid up front will I believe reap many rewards. Pray for wisdom. Then the sleep will come.

    1. Rene,

      The routine is huge. Problem is my life doesn’t allow for routine. But the prayer for wisdom I can do. Thank you for your commnt.

  7. I have had trouble sleeping all of my life!
    I also have racing thoughts!
    For the racing thoughts…especially the condemning ones,I repeat,over and over,”I am a child of the KING-I am FORGIVEN!”
    AND,I use Rescue Remedy sleep. It takes several nights to work,but is NOT addictive (like Ambien ) and really helps. It is hard to take a more natural remedy,as it takes longer to work!
    I am a chemical dependency psych nurse and do NOT recommend the addictive sleeping pills. Many docs are NOT aware how habit forming ambien is! It is a minor tranquilizer and has a NASTY withdrawal!
    By the way,anyone as funny as you are has to have racing thoughts!
    Bless you!!!!!!!!!

  8. P.S. Meant to state in previous comment that the med is a very low dose tranquilizer (NOT a sleep med) that stops the racing thoughts — for me, at least.
    May God bless you in your efforts to get sleep! My gosh…….how good could you get if you got some sleep? You are already an awesome comedian! See you in March in Colorado!

  9. I would also encourage you to consider doing a sleep study because of what you say about not staying asleep. Most health insurance policies cover this – definitely worth asking. Sleep apnea is quite common in “the middle ages” and beyond, especially if you snore. Getting it treated can be a real life changer. You have received lots of great ideas here on preparing physically and mentally for getting to sleep, but if apnea is involved the overall sleep quality, including the ability to stay asleep, is still severely compromised. Each time you stop breathing your body goes into alert mode because it knows breathing is a good thing, so you get much less, if any, deep sleep with all the ALERT signals that keep happening. See if your wife can listen to your breathing for a half hour or more while you sleep sometime, listening for pauses in your breathing pattern or gasping to get your breath. It is not always related to weight, but can be caused by the structure of the throat and nasal area, as in myself and my family. The positive air pressure machines can be hard to get used to, but once you’re over that hump, it is totally worth it. The newer machines with self adjusting pressure make getting used to it easier than before. There are other treatment options that work for some people also. You commented that you are not dying from these issues, however if left untreated, sleep apnea affects the heart and can shorten one’s life. There are sleep disorders that could be diagnosed as well, but this one is most common.
    As for those annoying “nature calls”, I’ve found I can have a certain amount of control over this by what I eat and drink, especially in the evenings. Caffeine is a big culprit, of course, but so is too much sugar and other high carb foods. I’m also suspecting vitamins/supplements too close to bedtime. Anyone who is too bothered by awakenings of this nature should mention it to their doctor to make sure it is not a symptom of a more serious medical condition that shouldn’t be ignored. Chiropractic can sometimes improve this reason, and possibly others, for poor sleep.
    I have also benefited from melatonin, and would suggest starting with 1/2 mg. and working up by 1/2 at a time to figure out how much you need to do the job, but not so much that it makes you groggy in the morning, which can happen. They typically come in 1 or 3 mg. so you can get a pill cutter to adjust as needed. Also, taking them earlier in the evening can lessen the groggy factor. I like using it rather than meds or other supplements, because it is simply replacing the diminishing amount of something our body already creates.
    Thanks for being open about your sleep issues. Hopefully this discussion has helped a lot of people because there have been many great posts.

  10. Hi Ken, My wife is an insomniac too and she has found that reading the book of the geniologies is quite effective as Gods word says to “Avoid (i think “Endless” is the word) geniologies, GENISIS, She says this drops her off pretty quickly….What better way to fall asleep than reading GODS word.
    God bless you Ken and THANKS, We needed a Holy laugh tonight. Rick-n-Karen

    1. Rick, As per comment above, reading the Bible actually stimulates my thinking and keeps me awake. Even Genealogies. There is something about the word “Begot” that keeps me awake. (-: Thanks for your comment.

  11. Hmmmm

    1. Having kids… no wait, that has the opposite effect. They only make you want sleep more.
    2. Sugar and lots of it early in the day. That way, by the afternoon, your brain isn’t capable of making a coherent thought.
    3. White noise generator. Not those waves, and rain sounds that repeat over and over till it doesn’t sound natural, but actual constant white noise. Drowns out even the whiniest of kids.
    4. Hang out at kid nursery. Especially ones with babies. You’re guaranteed of catching something the first visit. If you are lucky, you’ll catch something that gives you a fever. Its hard to stay awake when you have a fever. Plus you get pampered a lot by your spouse.

    I’ve found all of these to work at some point in life. Hope it helps! 🙂

  12. I find that a dress rehearsal works by falling asleep in the chair sets that mood for sleep. Of course it really upsets Lynn when I do this and she wakes me to go to bed and I say yes and fall back to sleep. Then I get up brush my teeth M?T bladder and really go to sleep. Like a baby me and my CE-PAP machine and the breathing of Darth Vader.

    1. Paul,

      I am discovering that I must go to bed the moment I feel sleepy. If I push through that time……. I’m in trouble.

  13. Ken I just thought of something else melatonin or what ever that turkey stuff is. How about some roast turkey. I really helps with my flatulence and then the sleep of death from being gassed.

    1. I am all for roast turkey, or turkey soup, or turkey drumstick…. Me loves turkey and it does help.

  14. Try Wii Dance. Play it about an hour before bed and you will be so tired you won’t be able to get out of bed even if you want to. Or you can try drinking Sweet Dreams Herb Tea it sometimes works for me.

    1. Migdalia, Spent the morning trying to find “will dance” in the drug store. Got tired. Slept well. (-; Thank you. Love your comments

  15. I discovered a site yesteday which seemed a decent amount like this, are you certain an individual is not duplicating this web-site?

  16. Hi Ken!

    Thanks for making me laugh with your sleep troubles! I’m 39 weeks pregnant and having a hard time falling asleep myself!
    I loved reading through all the comments, where was this a few months ago? 🙂
    I noticed that when I pray before bed I fall asleep really fast and then in the morning am saying, ‘Lord, I did it again! So sorry!’.
    I hope that you will find something in all the comments that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep until morning! Maybe you could get a body pillow 🙂 (It definately helps me get comfortable)

    1. Hey, the body pillow really does work in one way. It takes away back pain that can keep you away. Diane loves it too because it keep me from using her as my body pillow.

  17. Ken,
    When I have trouble with my mind racing I will play several games of solitaire or mah-jong on the computer. These simple games contain more possibilites than my mind can retain so I can’t replay them in my mind. My mind slows down and I can sleep.

    I learned this when I was working on my dissertation. I am a night person and would write from 10 pm to 2 am. For the first few nights I couldn’t go to sleep because I was thinking of things to put in the dissertation or ways to rephrase a sentence or some other thing. I had to find something to take my mind off the dissertation, so I determined to stop at 1:45 and spend fifteen minutes on something else. I tried several things, but solitaire and mah-jong were the only things that worked. Not only are the combinations more than I can remember there are items hidden from view. The attempt to replay the games overloads my circuits and my mind relaxes.

    1. George, I find that Sudoko sp? works for me as long as I don’t over do it. I work the puzzle until the first sign of drowsiness then I can often go right to sleep.

  18. This small company in Russel KS has a sleep formula that has worked wonders for my husband. It is a natural suplment alternative to perscription sleep aid.

    Amy Howland, DVM

  19. Gratitude, Ken.

    I keep a journal beside my bed and as I lay down I write “I am thankful for…..” and recite what happened that day that was good. I find this puts me in a mellow and happy place, able to relax and breathe deeply.

    I find when I can’t sleep I am churning things in my mind. Gratitude is like putting those things in the proper place on the shelf so I can “turn off the lights and close the door.”

  20. Set yourself a goal to get both your network plus and CCNA certifications. Purchase one of the 3000 plus page books or technical manuals that prepare you for the tests and begin to read. I have found that even in the most uncomfortable position possible I can only read two maybe 3 pages before falling into a deep sleep.

    1. Tena, you made me smile. Sounds like you speak from experience. Good luck on your certification

  21. I find it easy to sleep if you read your bible and then just pray I pray till I fall asleep. I don’t eve say amen. be in thanksgiving. thank God for everything you can think of. your house your bed your clothes your car your shoes hot water electric pray for others pray for yourself pray for a good night sleep..

    1. I wish this worked for me but it doesn’t. I guess my ADHD kicks in and I go from praying to thinking about what needs to be done, then back to praying, then listening to that sound that came from outside, then back to praying, then checking what time it is. After using a lot of the advice I have received things are getting better. I really appreciate your comment.

  22. In response to “sleep like a baby”, I volunteer during the “insomnia” shift weekly at Love Lines crisis phone lines and talk a lot about “sleep hygiene” (Now you have to be clean, too?).
    Arch Hart just wrote “Sleep, it Does a Family Good” and I have gleaned a lot from radio interviews.
    My best tip is to follow the anti-jet lag diet which was developed by Argone Energy Lab. There is a long protocol for people traveling across time zones, but the basic idea is that protien wakes you up and (complex) carbohydrates help you sleep.
    I have used this for years. I used to be on a crime scene team and regularly used this to “make it through the night”! My nieghbor asked why she fell asleep every morning at work staff meetings. When I heard that she had cereal, donuts, and orange juice for breakfast, I told her, “You told your body to go back to sleep!” My daughter’s friend had terrible insomnia. Her bedtime snack was an omelet! “You just told your body to wake up!” She tried cereal for a bedtime snack and slept great!
    So why doesn’t every mom who sends kids off to school (or wants them to fall as;eep at night!) know this? Why aren’t people who work second and third shifts told this? (I recommend that they keep crackers in the car and get a jump start on the way home!) Why do so few know? There is no money to be made from it!
    If it works for you, maybe you can spread the word.
    I also talk to people about sleep apnea, curing the “hampsters in their heads,” cutting out caffiene in the evening, and checking to see if any medications (like thyroid and B-vitamins) are interfering with sleep. (Alcohol tends to wake people up in the middle of the night.)
    Other standard advice includes sensible exercise early in the day, sleeping where it is quiet and dark (flashing lights are the worst!) and limiting “screen time” in the evening. (Some say that computer screens replicate dawn light and tell your mind it’s time to wake up and some blame screens for ADD!).
    When I wake in the middle of the night (which is unusual, since I’m usually sleep deprived) I lay quietly, silently reciting Psalms I have memorized or I pray through the alphabet, for as many people and things I can think of for each letter. My old psych teacher said that if you choose to count, you should count as slowly as possible. (Of course you count! You’re an important person!)

    Do you still have the motivational speaking conferences?
    It takes a special person to get comedy materisl from crime scenes. Did you know that God was the first forensic scientist? Check it out in Genesis!

    Rosella Stow
    (In the frozen north)
    Do you know why Iowa doesn’t have a professional football team?
    Because then Minnesota and Wisconsin would want one, too!

    1. Author

      Rosella, Fascinating perspective. We still do conferences. They can be found by clicking on DCW on our website. Loved your post and your humor.

      1. Thanks for your comments. I’ll start saving my pennies for the conference.
        I wrote my earlier response before reading other poeples’ responses. Sleep apnea ruins the quality of a lot of people’s lives by leaving them constantly sleep deprived. And it can be life treatening. I talked to a young woman on the crisis phone line who was treated for sleep apnea because they tested the whole family after her mother (who had undiagnosed sleep apnea) fell asleep while driving and had a fatal crash.
        I suspect you have “hamsters in your head.” One tip I have heard for that is to keep a notebook and pen by the bed to write down thoughts you’ll want to remember in the morning (so you don’t obsess on remembering them). A song writer suggested keeping a small tape recorder by the bed.
        I tell lots of people thet Al-anon (for family, friends, (and coworkers) of alcoholics) is the cure for “hamsters in the head.”
        No one there asks who your friendly, local alcoholic is. I figure that we all know alcoholics – we just don’t always know who they are!

          1. It takes on to know one. Racing thoughts that go no where. Seriously, the 12 step programs have helped me tremendously with them.
            You mentioned wearing a diaper in you post. I had already put that in my page on incontinance in the daily devotional book I am writing for hoarders. Having way too much stuff (especially on the floor) and not making it to the bathroom in time can get nasty quickly!
            Blessings on your current conference. When are future ones planned?
            Saving my pennies to invest in the future,

  23. When my mind won’t shut down I read myself to sleep with fiction. Therefore I now read every nite and find that putting unrelated things in my head can put my issues on the back burner and I fall asleep. The bladder thing, well you must not drink anything in the evenings that will require you to frequent the rest room during the nite. 8 )

  24. I’ve heard the melatonin works. I found a CD of cello hymns – started playing it quietly when I went to bed…now, when I wake up and can’t get back to sleep, I put on the cello CD and it helps relax my mind. Sometimes I just enjoy the whole CD and still lie awake, but at least I was relaxed and not worrying a topic!

  25. I’ve found that stretching before going to bed as you would before working out helps the blood flow and relaxes the muscles

  26. I resemble your remarks about going to sleep.I pray to find that rest that is promised. It eludes me ,and i find myself awake at daylight, getting up to go to work.I’ve tried it all,and talked to the doc ,and he said have you tried melatonin. So I went to the vitamin store 3mg. tab 1 hour before sleep.I read “Quiet Reflections of Peace “on Kindle : it works . thank God

  27. I work night shift as an RN from my home (nurse advice line). Also am a single parent and home school my kids. I have to go to bed early around 4pm to wake up again at 11pm. So what helps me are a few things. 1) Reliv (vitamin) 2) fan on in the room (even in winter, which is like summer for some folks in the eastern states) 3) warm or cold rice bag across my head/neck 4) sometimes I take benadryl (not habit forming) I try to exercise in the early morning but not recommended before sleep, last and most important I meditate on the Lord, not in words but reflect on Him, on heaven, on peace in Him. Just enjoying His presence and putting all aside. I sleep with my bible close to my heart (which sounds weird, but since my husband left that has helped me). I would read a verse or two before I close my eyes. I hope that maybe some of these will help you. My kids and I love you much. Met you last year in SD. and will see you again here in a few weeks. blessings always

  28. For me, it all began with Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. When I was sick I put on the DVDs (A & E version). Then I was sick and depressed so I got the BBC version. For many years whenever I got sick, I’d pull out the DVDs again and watch them. I’d go to sleep watching them. Then I got the 1940’s version with Greer Garson…never made it all the way through that one. Snoring before Bingley’s ball. Then the newest version came out with Kiera Knightly in 2005. I bought the soundtrack to put on my ipod. You could do surgery on me with that on. Also, the audio book is especially mind-numbing. I go to sleep with the ear buds, and some british actress reading to me and I am OUT!! Doesn’t matter if I read the book, listen to it or watch the movies, Pride and Prejudice is my Ambien. Try it! You never can tell!

  29. A frying pan to the head might do the trick. As long as you have the cast iron ones. 🙂
    P.S. Side effects – slight swelling

  30. when my mind is racing or in fearful mode I find it helpful to concentrate on something specific (which is very hard to do). So I guide myself with the alphabet. Something about God beginning with a letter of the alphabet. God is almighty, blessed, caring, eternal, faithful, good… if my mind wanders, I force it back. I have done this often, and never gotten to the letter z before falling asleep. hmmmm

  31. Ken.
    What I do, WORKS.The only effort involved is, perseverence.
    When you are ready to sleep, get comfy, then (and this is the important bit)everytime a thought comes into your mind, say “If I have to think about it, I won’t think about it”. You may have to say it a lot for the first month or so, but now I fall asleep usually within 5 minutes. I know it works for me so it can work for you.

    It is just a version of “Bringing ALL thoughts into the captivity of Christ Jesus”

  32. Hi Ken, This is my third visit to this site. I’m still laugh everytime I think about your 7 secrets. It’s sound like my life. You can quit petioning God for sleep, it won’t help.
    This insomnia started in your life shortly after a traumatic period in your life that you needed some answers from God. You told him you needed to understand some things because things just didn’t work out the way you expected and you realized it wasn’t God’s fault, but most likely a misunderstanding on your part. He’s been wanting to comunicate those answers to you. Yes, all these years he’s been waiting. And, of course, the best time of the day for “listening ears to hear” is the night watch. I have much to share with you. If you feel this is from your loving Father, feel free to call me in Alaska. My # is (907) 727-8336. Best time of day 6-8 AM and 12-1 PM pacific time. When we’re done on the phone your life will never be the same again. In Christ’s unfailing love, Dana

  33. For years (read decades) I’ve been a poor sleeper, waking at least once, usually 2 or 3 times every night. Just because my head spins with thoughts, and the off switch has eluded me.
    Then my chiro asked me to do tai chi… what? boring! slow! the moves were easy, given my senior belt in karate, and a penchant for jumping off mountains, fording streams and descending underground caverns.

    But blow me down… If I’m not too lazy to do 20mins tai chi before I go to bed, I’ve been known to sleep 2 or 3 nights in a row in solid, dont-even-twitch sleep. I’ve also been known to eschew doing it after a full day’s canyoning, only to be wide awake and practising in front of the dying embers of the fire at 3am, then sleeping solidly til morning…

  34. In all honesty, I, too have much trouble sleeping. Especially lately. I find myself planning the days ahead, as if I have control of that. I find myself thinking about getting my funeral info in order “just in case” so my family doesn’t need to. I find myself thinking about past sins, from like grade school and working my way to current transgressions and wondering why I am still feeling the guilt, the pressure, the heaviness of heart. Meds haven’t worked. Warm milk hasn’t worked. But I have honestly found something that does…learning to forgive myself and not put others into the mold of what I want them to be. I married my husband because of the good I saw in him and must sometimes remind myself of that daily. That helps me sleep because I can reduce the stress in my heart and my head and know that I am not perfect, he is not perfect, but together we are terrific!!! God brought us together, so we have to work it out. My husband did not come with a money back guarantee, a warranty, or a 30 day trial. 20 years later and we still have God in our lives, seeing us through all the crap life hands us. For that, I am grateful to God. And when sleep eludes me, I remember to count my blessings. That makes me smile, and smiling is comforting, so I relax and eventually, zzzzzzzz

  35. I have never had an issue sleeping but with due respect I do make my own wine due I am to cheap to buy it and do not want to go into some places the sell it but I have a glass or 2 a day and if 2 then I am asleep by 8 pm after supper ,wake up up when I am told its bedtime and need the alarm to wake in the morning. It is fun to watch how the natural laws of wine making take place . Just like Jesus made it but cant master the speed to date or could send you one.Just take a load off buddy. Sleeping is the best part of life with my wife by my side

  36. So, I guess I’m like a year behind on this one but if you haven’t found a solution yet, I have a few things that work well for me. My mind tends to race when I try to go to bed too…

    1) I try not to drink anything for 2 hours before I go to bed

    2) I keep my room completely dark and have an eye mask beside my bed in case of unwanted light

    3) I turn instrumental music on very softly (like Roger Bennett or Geralde Wolfe piano albums). Lyrics keep me thinking and singing but instrumental music helps me relax

    Hopefully, you’re not still having trouble but if you are, I hope it gets better soon! 🙂

  37. What I do is to watch something boring on TV until I am almost sleeping. Then I shut it off, and I can usually go to sleep.

  38. Oh, I have the answer…it’s called Melissa and no it is not a prostitute! I buy it at CVS and it really calms us down..I have no idea who Melissa is but she was either really good or really bad!

    1. Author


      I might have to check Melissa out! I will let you explain what that means to my wife.

      Thank you

  39. Ken,

    Hopefully you got this figured out by now…like another person said, a year behind on this topic. If not, here’s something to try. Close your eyes at night when your in bed, and instead of thinking about all the other stuff you need to do days and weeks ahead…try making up stories in your mind.

    It may sound weird, but thats what helps me. I used to have the same problem several years ago. I couldn’t seem to “Turn my brain off” and was always thinking about the day I just finished or the days to come when I was trying to get to sleep.

    I have always been one who loved to write stories anyway, so I started trying to do that when I go to bed. I usually use my fav. tv show (Law and Order Special Victims Unit) and I try to write myself into stories in my mind. This way I’m not focusing on the day I just had or the days to come. I guess its like the “Praying” way, but I never feel guilty when I wake up in the morning. Then the next night, when I’m laying in bed, I lay there with my eyes closed and ask myself, “okay, where did we leave off in the story?” And I try hard not to think about the story in the day time, so I can try to pick up where I left off the night before.

    And I do this if I have to get up in the middle of the night. Same thing, “What do I remember that happened last in the story?” And I never know when my mind actually shuts down and I fall asleep.

    But it is what works for me now, most nights. And no, most of the time…if I do dream..and can remember the dream…its never about the story I was working on in my mind to help me fall asleep.

  40. Ken, the thing that helped me is the 21 day Standard Process Purification. I had a terrible time going to sleep; woke up many times at night (even though I cut out caffeine and sugar). God used this cleanse to help me feel great! I am 50 years old and haven’t felt this good in a very long time and I sleep like a baby!


  41. Ken, i sense God wants me to share with you my experience. I attended your service at Willow Creek last weekend and enjoyed and learned from it as always. On Sunday on the way to a family vacation in Vail, I heard a routine of yours on satellite radio. Today, in my condo I saw on TV one of your sermons (I got to see your grand children again). So when on went on your website and read about your sleep issues, which I am also challenged with, I had to comment.

    I too have had a brain that won’t turn off. Several years ago I was diagnosed with CFS, which made sleep even more crucial. My energy was depleted, my ability to be a father, husband and servant was also depleted. I prayed for God to use this to shape me as He wished. Apparently I am a slow learner.

    God has made me more compassionate and aware of others. My recovery is slow, but steady. I have used sleep meds nightly to gain a hold on fatigue. It has reduced my anxiety, but I sense that this is not the ultimate way that God wants me to live. Drugs should be the answer???
    As I continue in my journey I Know I am still be shaped by God and I view this sleep challenge as my thorn in the flesh. And it is comforting to know that you also share my challenge. God bless you and hopefully we can both find that peace that passes all understanding.

  42. Ken,
    I use Schiff brand Calcium with Magnesium and Vit. D. 800-1200 mg (2-3 liquid gels).I also work puzzles – out of a book.PS. Did you know that in the picture of you at the top of this page you look like James Caan?

  43. I used to suffer from not being able to sleep. Besides staying away from cafiene or any stimulates like it, I use a meditative scenario. i first take some very deep breaths, breathe in very deeply and hold for a count of 3 first. Next for a count of 5 then for a count of 7. Each time i inhale through my nose slowly allowing my diaphragm to fill first and then my chest. Then I exhale slowly out of my mouth the first time, you can exhale out of either the next two times. I then imagine the ceiling and the skies opening up above me with angels holding a ball of blue energy. It is relaxing energy to me. They begin pouring it down to me and I imagine it slowly filling me skin and my body with this relaxant. I imagine it becoming part of my head filling all my cells with these particles that relax my facial muscles. permeate my brain & allow it to quietin. It permeates my neck muscles and so as I imagine every muscle in my face, neck, chest, upper back, mid back, abdoment etc. until every muscle is totally relaxed. I can feel each muscle around my eyes ease & relax and so forth as I do this. You may have already discovered this. I hope so!!

  44. Hot bath with lavendar essential oil, cup of decaf vanilla camomile tea, listen to CD of Psalms…after you are drifting off (be sure not to drown)…pat dry, then wrap up in big soft warm towel and crawl into bed, no lights in teh room, as dark as you can make it. Get to bed before 10p every night (consistency is key), no bright lights (TV, computer, tablets, etc) one hour before bedtime. Keep a note pad near bed to write down thoughts that might keep your mind racing or get voice activated recorder so you dont’ have to turn on lights.

  45. When I wake up during the night, I listen to my KJV audio Bible and then the devil puts me to sleep……

  46. I ask God to wrap His heavenly, fatherly arms around me and keep me safe until morning, He holds me all night long…..

  47. I’ve just decided to enjoy the time I’m awake. I move to another room, so I don’t wake my husband and I read or watch videos. That’s how I discovered you at 3:00 am. I laughed and cried and discovered your website. Time well spent. Now, I’m getting sleepy. Good night.

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