A Dyslexic Love Song

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  1. I began the holidays last year by telling a random store clerk, “have a thanks great giving day!” (Slowly slinks away, avoiding the astonished stare…)

  2. I am temporarily in a nursing home…..the cleaning lady comes in and says “is it okay if I clean your room?” I thought she said ” does it pay to clean your room? I was shocked that she spoke so rudely……it was a good laugh.

  3. Ken, I am taking online courses to obtain my bachelors degree in psychology and have to type everything on my laptop. As I proofread, I often find words I have transposed the letters or jumbled a word in my sentence structure here or there. When I heard this song I busted a gut laughing with him and at myself. I totally get it and feel his pain. I never struggled with dyslexia, it was, and still is just a mild nuisance. I do know several friends that it was a major obstacle for them as they grew up. If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then who can we laugh at?
    Thanks for sharing, Ken!

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